BREAKING: Zuda Comics WEBSITE shut down

UPDATE after further communications: This is being announced as the Zuda website being shut down. Some individual titles will be continuing. However, the submission process is being revamped. See Ron Perazza’s statement below.

About half an hour ago, a memo was sent to Zuda creators announcing that the original digital comics line website was being shut down. A few of the better known Zuda titles, such as I RULE THE NIGHT, BAYOU, and HIGH MOON will be folded into the newly announced DC Digital program.

Begun in 2007 as DC’s fledgling attempt at the world of comics on the Web, despite some quality content, Zuda was plagued by a number of problems including a widely derided Flash-based interface and a monthly contest format that often killed the best content after 10 pages. However, it did have successes with the award winning BAYOU comic, and other print projects such as the Harvey award-winning HIGH MOON by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis and THE NIGHT OWLS by the Timony Twins.

Asked for comment, DC sent out the following press release:

DC Entertainment announced today that select ZUDA titles will be available through comiXology and the PlayStation®Network. Each ZUDA issue will feature approximately twenty pages of content; the first issue will be available for free and each subsequent issue will be priced at $.99. Effective today, will be shut down. The Collective, the Official ZUDA Blog, will continue to be updated at with information about upcoming releases and behind-the-scenes information.

The first issue of Jeremy Love’s Eisner nominated Bayou was available at launch for free. Issue 2 is now available through ComiXology and the PlayStation®Network. The first issue of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis acclaimed’ High Moon is now available, with the second issue available next week.

Upcoming Zuda titles for the PSP and ComiXology app include John Zito and Tony Trov’s Black Cherry Bombshells, Dan Govar’s Azure, Andy Belanger’s Bottle of Awesome, Sheldon Vella’s Supertron, and Adam Atherton’s Lily of the Valley.


UPDATE: Creative Services VP Ron Perazza has made the official announcement on the Zuda blog:

The submissions question is simple: It is the new DC Co-Publishers’ plan to expand submissions beyond just Zuda Comics and the Online group into a larger, more comprehensive system that covers all of DC Comics’ wide variety of needs, skills and interests. Jim and Dan are very excited about bringing in and developing new talent so look for more information about that from them as plans develop.

As for the site, from here on out, Zuda Comics will be folded into DC Comics’ exciting, new Digital Publishing initiative. Expect more Zuda series to be released through the DC Comics and comiXology Apps, the Sony PSP and on both the comiXology website and, eventually, the main DC Comics website as well. You’ll be able to read all of your digital editions and manage your entire library in one place, whether DCU, Vertigo, WildStorm or Zuda. The goal there is convergence of technology and convergence of editorial.


  1. says

    Zuda was there so DC could say “of course we have digital comics.” Now that they really do have them, it’s redundant.

    A better question is whether this is all paid downloads or if some of them will slide over to Wildstorm?

  2. says

    Surprising move but the talent that made an impact at Zuda will not have a problem finding work or publishers elsewhere.

  3. says

    What’s the point of opening up relatively autonomous product lines when you later cannibalize the farm. Why is branding everything with the letters “DC” somehow superior.

  4. says

    Also, what part of the game is this? Why are all of these types of press releases suckerpunches? Why is it always “effective immediately” and “closing today?”

    I’ll never read all of Supertron in one day.

  5. Shannon OLeary says

    wow. i was wondering what was going to happen to break the wonder woman underpants news cycle.

  6. says

    “Jim and Dan are very excited about bringing in and developing new talent [as long as they’re artists, we’re closing the doors on the one place we have where writers could be at least part of the submission, mwahahaha]”

    Maybe I’m just too cynical, but I doubt it.

  7. says

    Here’s to hoping they make zuda into some nightsoil and grow something good out of it. And also to hoping the creators who’re being dropped are at least getting kill fees they can use to turn around and self-pub or something.

    What a crumb.

  8. KET says

    And now, the other shoe finally drops.

    Sad to say, but this unfortunate Zuda venture always looked like a microcosm of DC’s eventual future.

  9. says

    “What’s the point of opening up relatively autonomous product lines when you later cannibalize the farm.”

    I think you answered your own question there.

  10. says

    It’s sad to see a comic indy giant fall like this. The Fabler is exploring a similar opportunity and business model that might be a good alternative for independent comic creators.

  11. Rob Jensen says

    Okay, so I couldn’t care a whit about Zuda itself — I read print comics because they *get me away* from the computer screen — but nevertheless, the idiocy of DC’s decision struck me this way:

    “Oh, look, DC’s ditching yet *another* imprint after only 3 or 4 years!”

    — Rob

  12. says

    Just to clarify – as I understand it, the Zuda imprint IS NOT being abandoned at the moment.

    The remaining Zuda content is moving over to the iPad and will be available on Comixology’s app and at Comixology on the web, but will still be under the Zuda imprint.

    Granted, that could change.

  13. Al™ says

    “Jim and Dan are very excited about bringing in and developing new talent so look for more information about that from them as plans develop…”
    “As for the site, from here on out, Zuda Comics will be folded into DC Comics’ exciting, new Digital Publishing initiative…”

    It all sounds a little awkward to me, but that IS a lot of excitement that they’re trying to express!

  14. Nate Horn says


    I know you have a (very good) comic at Zuda, but I think it doesn’t really matter what happens to the brand name Zuda – it’s already synonymous with demise. The website is gone and everything that made Zuda is done. They should just move you guys under the Vertigo imprint because it seems like a healthy brand you fit into.

  15. Karen says

    Am I just being stupid (always plausible), or does this mean that those of us unfortunates with neither an iPhone nor an iPad are just S.O.L. for Zuda comics? No more STREET CODE for Karen?

  16. says

    Karen, no, that stuff should be available on Comixology’s browser reader too. I’m not certain but I think The Bayou is already on there.

  17. says

    If Vertigo was dubbed “the HBO of comics,” then I believe Zuda was the IFC of comics and I wish them the very best of luck transitioning to the DC Digital Universe and beyond!

    Karen, thanks for your support. I’m currently drawing the last 20pp [screens] of STREET CODE season 2 and, I suspect, STREET CODE will make the transition with Zuda to DC Digital. However, no clue if there will be more STREET CODE [even thought I have scripts written].

  18. says

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