Back in the day




  1. 19… 89?

  2. The glasses. The earrings. The shorts. Yup, [i]Back in the Day[/i] is very apropos. ;)

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. michael says:


  5. Ben May says:

    I’m thinking early to mid-90’s?

  6. Hey, it’s your birthday!?! Many happy returns. I still have sun glasses like that by the way. We’re having a birthday party at The Black Cat Gallery for the owner tonight. I’ll see if I can get people to sing happy birthday to you as well. It’s amazing (and fun) what you can get people you’ve just met to do when they’re drunk. I’ll try and make a video and post it on You Tube.


  8. I forgot that you were in the Go Gos (or was that the Bangles?)!

    If today is your birthday, Heidi – Happy Birthday!

  9. Excellent.

  10. I think I wore the exact same outfit in ’89 — glasses, oversized Batman shirt, and the black spandex. Oh man.

  11. Cute!

  12. David T. G. Riches says:

    Well first, Happy Birthday! Congradualtions on making it around the sun another year to paraphrase Arthur C Clark.
    Second, isn’t that the same outfit worn by Misfit in Birds Of Prey?

  13. Matt D. says:


  14. Mithel says:

    That picture is rad as hell.

  15. joecab says:

    Aw Heidi you’ve always been cute and cool ;)

  16. Kiel Phegley says:

    Is that the same pic from DA or just the same pose?

  17. afdumin says:

    Gotta be mid-Eighties–check out those high-tops.

  18. Torsten Adair says:

    Happy New Year, Heidi!
    I’m guessing that picture was taken in 2005…

  19. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Long-time readers know what this image means! Happy birthday, Heidi!

  20. Gotham Girls just wanna have fun? Happy Birthday!

  21. Lovely. Then and now.

  22. Happy Birthday!
    Hey! Are you wearing my 80’s shoes?

  23. VERY cute!!!

  24. LOL VERY cute!!! Looks like fun to me!!!

  25. LOL VERY cute!!! Looks like fun to me!!!

  26. OMG! i’m like, so embarrassed to admit i had a PINK batman logo on black T shirt!

  27. 1989. New York. The height of Batmania. All you need is the leather bat medallion!

  28. Tom Spurgeon says:


  29. It’s Cyndi Lauper! It’s Pat Benatar! It’s Belinda Carlisle! It’s one of those girls from Bananarama!

  30. Heidi-licious!

    (Happy B-Day, Ms. Beat!)

  31. Of course when you do have to get control pants they’ll feel just like those spandex shorts.

    Many Happy Returns.

    The Beat goes on.

  32. That made me smile.

    Happy Birthday, Heidi.

  33. Maybe ’87?

    Had dug up my COMICS JOURNAL #116 (July ’87) to re-read the WATCHMEN articles— and found your reviews on CEREBUS #93… ZOT #12 and REID FLEMING… the return of Steve Rude on NEXUS and post-Chaykin AMERICAN FLAGG… (Man, that sure was loooooong ago.)

    Happy belated B-day!

  34. Charles Knight says:

    From the picture at the top, she’s still got the same glasses! :-)

  35. AERose says:

    Remember we used to pump, but now we blast, right?

    No? OK.

  36. Adventure On Heidi-kins!



  37. Ah! The spandex! The earrings! We must be about the same age. I love it. Happy belated, hope your birthday was fun.

  38. Happy (belated) birthday…and I remember the Heidi in that picture. From Earth-Lauper, yes?

  39. please tell me that you are wearing l.a. gears in this picture.


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