Preview: DAL TOKYO by Gary Panter

The one and only Gary Panter, quintessential punk illustrator and the highly accoladed set designer of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, envisions a mind-bending sci-fi/punk fusion in a new release with Fantagraphics. Originating in 1983, this is first time Panter’s DAL TOKYO will be collected into one epic volume, exhibiting the surreal cultural and temporal collision of a futuristic Mars that is terraformed by Texas and Japan. This one is going to be a real trip.

Preview: The Understanding Monster by Theo Ellsworth

Secret Acre’s wildly psychedlic cartoonist Theo Ellsworth preps the release of his newest work, THE UNDERSTANDING MONSTER – BOOK ONE, as it debuts in a couple weeks at SPX. A quest to explore the inner workings of an imaginary world sends the displaced Izadore, whose current form is that of a mouse, to regain his true form and full realize his true identity.

Preview: The Nao Of Brown

Glyn Dillon marks his return to comics with the stunning release of THE NAO OF BROWN, a graphic novel that is shockingly different to his previous work with Vertigo. A sweeping story of a “hafu”(half Japanese and half English) young woman by the name of Nao, Dillon explores her unique form of OCD, one in which she constantly has violent and gruesome fantasies of deaths around. At the core of Nao’s self exploration is a search for perfect love, and what she finds is that the real world is as warped and convoluted as her own morbid imaginings.

Kickstarter Watch: THE PROJECTS

Calling forth “a new era for comics arts,” Portland’s Floating World Comics is organizing an epic three-day mash of workshops, exhibitions, panels, and performances all set to nurturing comic expression and collaboration. The Kickstarter for this extravaganza, appropriately titled THE PROJECTS, has only 7 days remaining to fund this ambitious gathering.


Predominantly known for his tripptastic, psychedelic art and creating the whacked-out world of BOYS CLUB, Matt Furie takes some time to unload on his newest release, a curious children’s book called THE NIGHT RIDERS.

Preview: Angie Wang for SP7 Alt. Comics Tribute to GARO Manga

Amid a flurry of controversy over the Kickstarter for this Garo tribute, Angie was kind enough to pass over her contribution, titled “The Teacup Tree,” a whimsical tale of the coming of age and the tragic loss of imaginary friends.

Preview: Monkeybrain's MASKS & MOBSTERS #1

Monkeybrain’s newest digital-only title MASKS & MOBSTERS is a crime anthology set in the early days of the Golden Age of masked men, and tells the story of an enforcer bent on discovering the identify of who’s been selling his boss out to a superhero. Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson create a new kind of superhero noir that, at 14-pages, is fast, bloody, and ends with a brutal twist.

Preview: Nobrow 7 Brave New World

London based Nobrow takes inspiration from Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel Brave New World and asks forty-five talented illustrators and cartoonist to tackle the themes of human individuality, science, and what lays in store for the future. This compendium merges both graphic storytelling and classic comic imagery, making it a visual feat that’s indefinitely something to behold.

Preview: Ted May's INJURY #4

Fresh off a successful Kickstarter fundraiser, and with a little help from Alternative Comics and Wow Cool, Ted May’s Injury #4 is fully loaded and ready for release. Complete with two chapters (one, a mid-eighties high schooler attempting to make it through morning detention and two, a continuation of a werewolf biplane pilot saga) it’s hard not to get a kick out of May’s depictions of non-stop gags and teenage nostalgia.

From Batman to Cannibal F***face: The 2012 Designer Toy Awards

Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find toys or collectables from any mainstream comic (there is such a large array of Avengers figurines, ranging from pretty atrocious to an almost hyper-real quality). The 2012 Designer Toy Awards salutes some of the best comic toys, and gives everyone a chance to vote for this years best. The nominees are quite a sight.

A Bounty of Art at SDCC

Not that there is a lack in things to look forward to in next week’s SDCC, but for any art-lovers out there, there are a ton of exhibits popping up all around San Diego.

One lucky person can win a trip to Middle Earth!

In just a few short weeks, SDCC-goers can enter to win a trip to New Zealand to live up a true Hobbit experience.

ELCAF Report: The UK Does It Right

Last weekend, the UK’s first East London Comics Festival embarked on a one day extravaganza of some of the best art and comics east of the Atlantic Ocean. Illustrator, comic artist, and exhibitor Kyle Platts shares his experience behind the scenes.

Check this out at CAKE: WEATHER by Gabby Schulz

Debuting this weekend at CAKE, Gabby Schulz’s new comic documents the return of character Gordon Smalls, as he muses over American consumerism 40,000 feet in the air.

Preview: Jacques Tardi NEW YORK MON AMOUR

Renowned French comic artist Jacques Tardi, a genius of the French bandes dessinées, offers up his US debut “Manhattan,” along with three other tales of the Big Apple written by Benjamin Legrand and Dominique Grange.

To Do This Tuesday: CBLDF Book Expo Party with Chip Kidd

Book Expo America is this week, so if you’re finding yourself in NYC, now’s your chance to take part in meeting CHIP KIDD and get your hands on a limited edition copy of his new book, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN.