Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is less than a week away, and with the horrendous effects of Sandy slowly alleviating, there’s no better way to begin the countdown with some fantastic cartoonists and company! Tomorrow (Monday) at Public Assembly in North Wiliamsburg, comedy and variety show hosts, The Moon, have prepared a night of readings, video projections, FREE goodies, and an all-around good time.

The Moon have previously hosted NYCC pre-parties as well as a slew of other great comedic and comic-y events. Recently they’ve begun a venture into their own comic creation, called MOON COMICS, which set out to depict their events in illustrated form. This will be the first of many official BCGF events, and it’s a great way to see some comic artists that aren’t exhibiting at BCGF. Oh, and it’s FREE!

Even their event description is creatively enticing:

Remember, remember!

The fifth of November,

At The Brooklyn Comics andGraphics Festival,

The Moon will present some of the best of all

Comics artists — so come see them firsthand!

There’ll be onscreen projections! Absurd twists of plot!

I know of no reason

Why this feast of good readin’

Should ever be forgot!

The Moon and her companions

Did the scheme contrive

So we’ll see you at Public Assembly on

This November Five!

With Live Comics Readings From:

  • Gabrielle Bell
  • Julia Wertz
  • Lisa Hanawalt
  • Doug Skinner
  • Jon Rosado & Bob Walles


  • Videos and cartoons from The Moon
  • A free comics giveaway
  • The Moon COMICS Library (bring books to donate, take some for free!)
  • Good Parts in Comics History

And The Moon Players: Jordan Clifford, Camille Harris, and Tim Skinner!

Hosted by Bob Walles & Nat Towsen



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