Amanda Conner’s Variant Cover for X-Men #2

Amanda Conner’s Variant Cover for X-Men #2

Marvel’s solicitations for May are sneaking out, but the first thing that caught my attention – Amanda Conner providing art for Marvel, in the form of this variant cover for issue #2 of Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel‘s adjectiveless X-Men series. Whew! Long sentence. We get a look at all the team being all classy in typical Conner fashion, along with more confirmation that Psylocke truly is free from that blasted thongkini contraption and finally wearing something decent.


The issue comes out in May.


  1. Kevin says

    So is Kitty holding her breath? I’m confused…how is her midsection still in the wall? I’m trying to get my head around that.

  2. Zach says

    Kevin – comic art is not always anatomically realistic. Shocking, I know. But thanks for pointing it out, I’m sure everyone else was super concerned about it and just too scared to mention it.

  3. Rob J. says

    Kevin: Kitty can’t breathe when she’s phasing, whether she’s passing through anything or not. However, since she was trapped in-phase inside the bullet-ship (really, a spaceship-sized bomb) at the end of Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men and survived for months (her-time) in-phase, it’s fair to say that she’s never needed to breathe when she’s phasing and her worries about it during the Claremont years were simply her being a newbie mutant who didn’t then know the extent of her powers.

  4. Kevin says

    Thanks Rob J! It was just confusing, but I’ve always loved Connor’s art!

  5. says

    Would admire this, but too busy ogling the Uncanny cover that’s also there. Mmm.

    About Kitty: The mechanics of her survival inside the bullet are very shady. The thing was kinda magic right? Probably best to leave it at that. But Kitty’s able to phase part of herself, so it’s easy to imagine that she’s coming out of the wall and unphasing to breathe.

  6. says

    Why are Jubilee’s eyes blue? I know she’s a vampire now, but that wouldn’t have negated the fact that she’s Chinese.

  7. says

    What is wrong with you people?Everything works like it does because,comics,that’s why!It’s so preposterous Kitty can breathe during phasing but a woman who controls the weather and shoots lightening out her hands,that’s generally accepted as normal?Again:BECAUSE,COMICS!
    Can we just accept this as an awesome cover by the very talented Amanda Conner and be done with it?

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