Adam Kubert draws the (heroic) Phoenix Five for AvX Variant Cover

The variant cover for issue #8 of Avengers Vs X-Men has been unveiled today by Marvel. One of the seventeen, anyway. Drawn by Adam Kubert, the cover shows those most heroic of characters, the Phoenix Five, standing around doing nothing much of any import. In a heroic manner! As you can see, Namor’s trousers have been lowered even further than before, while Cyclops holds onto the broken weaponry of the evil Avengers. The burning city behind them is that of Wakanda, the consistently-dubious home of Black Panther, where the Avengers are currently hiding out.

In a villainous manner.

How can we tell that they’re heroic and the Avengers are evil? Firstly, because the X-Men are super-duper and the Avengers are totes rubbish. But also, it’s because Cyclops has got his hands on Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, which can only be held by somebody who is worthy and noble. Presumably Thor lost the right to wield the thing after he used his God Powers to villainously punch a young boy in the stomach this week.

What a jerk!!


  1. Kate says

    Namor’s waistband is sinking to Abercrombie store mannequin levels.

    On a warm and fuzzy note, I’ve really enjoyed Steve Morris writing for The Beat.

  2. says

    It’s just a matter of time until Namor has a line saying that not even the Phoenix would dare cover up abs as fine as his. Gillen will write it, I’m sure.

    Perhaps that is not the true Mjolnir, but the stupid-stick, which they’ve all been passing around generously.

  3. Rick H says

    I have to agree with Ron’s comment. It’s especially relaxing, after reading these reviews, and just knowing that I am not getting involved in any of this nonsense.

  4. Synsidar says

    I have to agree with Ron’s comment. It’s especially relaxing, after reading these reviews, and just knowing that I am not getting involved in any of this nonsense.

    Yes, AvX is something to stay away from if you’re looking for entertainment. The situation the heroes face in AvX #6 is just the opposite of a villain in the process of taking over the world. Planetary peace, etc., is just as unacceptable a status quo as hell on Earth is, and in using the Phoenix Force to bring it about, the writers changed it from a metaphysical being with some strange interest in mutants to just another cosmic power source. If the storyline ends with the mutants rejecting the Phoenix Force and deciding that, yes, humans can’t be given paradise, they have to earn it, then it’s the very model of an “illusion of change” event. Everybody acted heroically, nobody has anything to feel ashamed about, and it’s on to the next villainous menace. The story won’t have been about anything.


  5. filippod says

    Yet it’s gathering some solid reviews, unlike Fear Itself.

    Personally I’m not impressed (yes, I’m actually reading it) but neither do I regret spending money for it.

    However I’m a couple of issues behind and haven’t met the Phoenix Five yet. They do look stupid to me but I’m still open to enjoy it for what it is.

  6. Dennis V. says

    I’ve been enjoying the series so far and issue #6 was the best yet! (and yeah, the “Phoenix Five” do look a bit stupid costume wise, but not stupid story wise).

  7. Jesus Dejesus says

    Wow, Thor hit a kid with superpowers who is on the opposite side in a conflict. What a monster.

  8. Snikt Snakt says

    interesting to see that the Phoenix Force also grew back Colossus’ hair…

    And has it come to the point now where Cap’s shield & Thor’s hammmer get damaged during every event?!?

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