A number to brag about: Batman: Arkham City sells ships 4.6 million units worldwide

As if we needed more proof that superheroes in any medium other than their original one sell more units, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, the new video game featuring you-know-who has sold 4.6 million units in its first week, WB Interactive has announced.

That’s twice what BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM sold in the same period. It’s also the highest reviewed PS3™ and Xbox 360 game of 2011 thus far, with with average scores of 96 and 95 on Metacritic.

When you have numbers this awesome, there’s no reason to keep them secret.

Who’s been playing this game since it came out last week? Have any of you left the house since then?


  1. Yeah, I’ve been playing the game pretty much nonstop. I completed the story mode but still have tons to do. One of the more amazing things about this game is how deep the rogues list is and how well that works.

  2. Awesome.

  3. Torsten Adair says:

    Congrats to Paul Dini and company!

    How well have the tie-in comics been selling?

  4. joe.distort says:

    this is where the whole comic book market went from the ‘good ol days’…$4 for 5 minutes or $60 for 50 hours??? (even better if you are a bargain gamer and wait 3 months for it to drop to $30)

    i bought SPIDERMAN: SHATTERED DIMENSIONS on sale cheap and each individual level is a complete story with nearly 30 minutes of gameplay. 12 levels/’issues’ for 10 bucks OR 2.5 issues of SPIDER ISLAND?

    yep. thought so.

  5. DrWorm says:

    The press release is misleading. The titles says “sales” of 4.6 million, but the body says they “shipped” 4.6 million. Other reports are saying they sold 2 million (which is still really good).

  6. Roberto Briceno says:


    So much fun.

  7. >>i bought SPIDERMAN: SHATTERED DIMENSIONS on sale cheap and each individual level is a complete story with nearly 30 minutes of gameplay. 12 levels/’issues’ for 10 bucks OR 2.5 issues of SPIDER ISLAND?

    Yeah, comics are overpriced, but I’ll say this: even the best video game storylines still feel like, well, video game storylines, to me. I’ve never seen a comic based video game that comes close to matching a good comic as far as story. The video games have neat moments, and bouts of inspired writing, but never the whole package.

  8. Kate Willaert says:

    I’m still waiting for WB Games support to send me a replacement Catwoman DLC code…every new copy is supposed to come with one, but the voucher in mine came blank. It’s been a week now, it’s ridiculous.

  9. Does the Catwoman DLC come with a working zipper for her costume?

  10. Snikt Snakt says:

    It should, William, to reflect the new DC 52 title! :-P

  11. Kate Willaert says:

    @William & Snikt: Actually, it’s the opposite: the new DC 52 version of her costume reflects the design she was given for Arkham City, which features a zipper that only works until about halfway up. ;-)

  12. I wonder what would happen if a comic was included with the game?

    The great thing about paper comics is that they can sit around the house, and catch your attention when you’re sitting idle, then they become nostalgic, and then you suddenly want more of them…

    … at least, that’s how I got interested in comics.

  13. Joe Distort has the best of the argument here: The $/minute factor really comes into play. A 10-minute comic for $3 is a crappy value compared to a 60-hour game for $60.

  14. @M Kitchen: A comic does come with the game if you order through Amazon. It’s standalone Arkham City comic which isn’t part of the miniseries released over the summer.

  15. Joseph says:

    The other side of that argument, for me at least, is that I rarely feel like punching a hole in the wall out of frustration halfway through reading a comic book, as I frequently did during the Edge of Time game.

  16. Joseph says:

    Not sure what happened above, meant to quote this from Joe:

  17. Joseph says:

    Sigh. Never mind.

  18. Felix says:

    Would it have made sense for DC to piggyback on this by including a coupon/voucher for a free DC comic redeemable at comic shops?

    2M (and potentially upward of 4.6M) would be a huge kick in the pants for the direct market.

  19. Still playing Spider-Man: Edge of Time but Arkham City is next when I’m finished.

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