90s club kid version of Quicksilver from Days of Future Past revealed

EMPIRE magazine is having a big cover reveal day showing 25 character covers in 24 hours from X-Men; Days of Future Past, the eagerly awaited period piece X-man movie set to open May 23. So far many of the reveals have been characters we’ve glimpsed before, but Evan Peters as Quicksilver has come in for some Twitter mocking.

To be fair, he really does look like someone I would have bumped into back at Click’n’Drag in 1996, but I hear the 90s are back and so is silver vinyl. And would a spandex suit with a lightning bolt on it look any better?

Luckily, everyone will get another chance at Quicksilver and he appears in the next Avengers movie, portrayed by Aaron Johnson!

And hey what about Havok’s non-costume? Buddy you gotta ress a little better to get taken seriously around here.

Here are the rest of the Empire covers thus far revealed. Keep checking the link for more all day.

Josh Helman as William Stryker

Josh Helman as William Stryker


Peter Dinklage as Boliver Trask


Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique


Nicholas Hoult as The Beat


Michael Fassbender as Magneto


Lucas Till as Havok


Evan Jonigkeit as The Toad



  1. Brian says

    This doesn’t look very good. The DoFP storyline has such a rich visual style that I’m surprised this looks so dull.

  2. Adam says

    So will Peter Dinklage have a small helicopter in the film or did someone screw up their proportions on that cover?

  3. Charles Skaggs says

    So, we’re all agreed that Joss Whedon’s Quicksilver can’t possibly be worse than this, right?

  4. abc says

    @johnrobiethecat – man, your comment has cracked me up to no end. very , very funny and very spot on. one question, will the actor portraying quicksilver in the next avengers’ movie be wearing that same god awful get up? i hope not . while a spandex suit may be a bit much , how about a track suit (the kind track athletes wear) with some cool designs on it , ’cause when all is said and done, quicksilver is a runner , maybe he should look like one, instead of looking like some kid about to go out for a night of clubbing in the 90’s.

  5. johnrobiethecat says

    @abc Anytime. And I like that music…. Put the record on Mr. QJ :-)

  6. Rich says


    “one question, will the actor portraying quicksilver in the next avengers’ movie be wearing that same god awful get up?”

    Can’t tell if this was a serious question. Definitely not. Different studio altogether, and effectively a different character.

  7. says

    This does not look good. Fox is just not very good at making super hero films and they need to stop. And those actors are no slouches.

  8. abc says

    @rich – I had heard that marvel really wants to make their “movie universe” a place where all their characters exist in the same place at the same time. I wonder how frustrating this must be for them to have different characters in all these different studios and that a single “marvel movie universe ” for the time being is out of reach. I guess the bad news is quicksilver will look crappy in the x-men flick, the good news , that the avengers camp will do a better job with quicksilver’s attire ( at least let’s hope they do a better job).
    @johnrobiethecat – to this day I still dig listening to “groove is in the heart”. love that bass line!

  9. abc says

    and just to be fair, after looking at the rest of the covers, I’d have to say IMHO that mystique, young magneto, rogue, warpath, sunspot, blink, and bishop all look pretty damn good.

  10. Chaos McKenzie says

    @Fug Xu : Uncalled for. Just because the outfit is nasty has nothing to do with the character being portrayed as gay or not. Your clever spelling of fag with “ph” doesn’t cover how ignorant that is.

    It’s getting really exhausting how much ignorance the internet and it’s commentators generate. Is there any way someone at Stately Beat Manor can remove that comment… It really set me off today.

  11. Teenmarvelhigh says

    Even though Pietro looked totally weird, and his name totally sounded like ‘Peter’ in the film his character was pretty well put. Honestly, the clothes are still a put off. As the saying goes: Never judge a book by its cover (however ratchet it seems)

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