Mark Waid becomes a comics retailer


Over the holiday, Mark Waid announced that he is crossing the last frontier of comics prodom by becoming a partner in his local comics shop, Alter Ego Comics, which is located in Muncie, IN. The store was previously run by Jason Pierce, who will remain a co-owner with Waid and his partner, Christy Blanch. The […]


Jeff Smith on tour for RASL all fall


The complete RASL by Jeff Smith is out this week, and he’ll be touring all over the place—from SPC to CAB—throughout the fall. Here’s his schedule: September 12, 2013 Washington, DC – Politics & Prose Store Signing September 14-15, 2013 Bethesda, MD – Guest of SPX September 22, 2013 Brooklyn, NY – Guest […]


Stan Lee has an archive, but you will probably never be able to see it because it’s in Wyoming


In an era when more and more collection of personal comics papers are being given to scholarly institutions (Columbia’s Karen Green and OSU’s Jenny Robb being among the leaders of this particular movement) it came as a bit of a surprise to be reminded where Stan Lee’s papers are housed: Laramie, WY. Sequential Tart’s Katie Frank made the arduous journey to the archive at the University of Wyoming, braving raging rivers, scaling giant redwoods and sustained on morning dew from maple leaves, but she made it.


What Should You Buy in September? Gareth Brookes, Gene Luen Yang, Ed Piskor, Villains Month


September! New month, new comics, new things to look out for. We had a wander round the solicitations and picked out the comics we’re all most looking forward to this month. Also I got them to pick their favourite DC villains, because there’s a DC Villain Month coming out and well, why not.


Tell-all book on the Spidey musical is on its way


About 10 years ago, when I ran a tiny item on a proposed Spider-Man musical with music by U2 on the old Comicon-com site, I had an idea it would be quite a story, but I had no idea it would be just about the craziest story in the history of Broadway. Now Glen Berger—who […]


Steve Orlando discusses his gay-action Kickstarter graphic novel


“Imagine DIE HARD if John McClane was killing terrorists to save his partner.”


iFanboy joins the 2013 comics media disruption


As you probably heard over the holiday, iFanboy is packing in its “day to day” operations, which seemed like a euphemistic way of saying they won’t be running a costly and unprofitable daily website any more. 2013 has been a reality check for several “blogs” — a few months ago Newsarama quietly ended its blog, […]


Gaiman childhood shocker: had a Sussex accent


Details here.


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 9/3/13: There was cosplay at DragonCon???


§ DragonCon was this weekend and yes, there was amazing and wonderful cosplay. Attendance was given as 57,000. There was also a dude who went as Hitler, which is gross. This woman went to DragonCon and it was her first ever con, and thought it was a lot of fun and the costumes were amazing, […]


Peter Milligan Takes over Shadowman


In an interview with Brian Truitt over at USA Today, Peter Milligan has been announced as the new writer for Shadowman. He’ll join current artist Roberto De La Torre on the series.