Dragon*Con under fire from more professionals


As reported last week, the incarceration and legal maneuvering of accused sex offender and Drgon*Con founder Ed Kramer has led more people, including professionals, to call for a boycott of the con while Keamer is receiving money for it. Tony Isabella, who attended the con far in the past, still has what might be termed a vivid account of it:

C2E2: Listen to Fake Geek Girls, Common Core and more


Indefatigable Jamie Coville recorded the most interesting panels from C2E2—including the one The Beat was on!—for your listening pleasure. He also took 143 pictures.

REVIEW: Stamping Out the Spider in Superior Spider-Man #9


Dan Slott did say, prior to the launch of Amazing Spider-Man #700, that he was going to turn into Dark Dan and start using his writing purposes for evil. And as he’s gleefully turned into a pantomime villain the likes of which John Inman can only dream of matching, so Superior Spider-Man has become an […]

Review: All The Iron Man 3 Lego Sets


Seen Iron Man 3 but want more? Looking to replay the best scenes over and over again? Or at the very least, do you want to put Pepper Potts into War Machine’s suit of armour and stick Tony Stark’s head onto a woman’s body? With the release of Iron Man 3 came three sets from […]

What is Paul Pope reading?


I love this little feature that Shelf Awareness do, asking artists about what they’re currently reading and the books that have had an impact on their lives. I always like to hear about what comics people are reading anyway, but I mostly love this because the interviewees give their reply in illustrated form, which makes […]

E.B. Hudspeth’s The Resurrectionist is PFA (that’s pretty freaking amazing)


The Resurrectionist by Eric “E.B.” Hudspeth is one of those visual/verbal blend books that will have a lot of people talking when it comes out. It will also have people talking because it’s an utterly incredible sui generis tale of a mad scientist, deformity, and mythical beasts, a tale told in prose and in incredibly detailed and creepy anatomical charts of mythical beasts known and unknown.

On the Scene: Convention Diary C2E2 Food, Legos, and Oh Yes, Comics.


by Amy Chu Friday Day 1 A Good Start 11:50 am Avoiding the craziness at  O’Hare airport by arriving at Chicago’s much smaller Midway. No delay – off to a good start.  Instead of plunking down $40+ for a taxi, I opt for public transportation to downtown Chicago for a mere $2.25. 1 pm My hotel […]

Carmine Street Comics: A New Shop Opening Today in New York!


By Dre Grigoropol A new store is opening up today, May 1st, 2013 in New York City’s West Village! This new store will be called Carmine Street Comics, due to its location on historic Carmine Street.  Edgar Allen Poe even lived in the area! This new shop is owned and operated by two former Manhattan Comics and More […]