5 Recent Graphic Novels You Don’t Want to Miss


These graphic novels have been chosen because they were all released in the past 6 months and equally combine qualities of well-crafted concepts and remarkable artwork to create solid visual narratives. They aren’t the only great graphic novels that have been released in recent months, but they are notable, and worth considering as near-misses if […]

More rumblings in the comics blogosphere: Valerie Gallaher leaves MTV Geek


Well now. As of today, I am no longer working at MTV Geek. Much thanks and appreciation to my intrepid and talented writers — among them Charles, Sean, Brigid, Jorge, Kendra, Steven, Ali, Zack, Kevin, and Aaron. Thus MTV Geek editor in chief Valerie Gallaher announced her departure. According to Bleeding Cool, she resigned, “leaving […]

Iron Man teams up with the 1% to open the NYSE


Robert Downey Jr. and Friend showed up on Wall St. this morning to ring the opening bell for the NY Stock Exchange, a time-honored PR/photo op. But somehow the idea of multi-millionaire industrialist Tony Stark showing up on the Street isn’t quite so far-fetched, is it?

Nice Art: Ken Haeser covers Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash


When you have a team-up of serial killer stalker Cassie Hack and demon fighter Ash Williams only one art style suggests itself: cutecore! Thus it is with Ken Haeser’s covers for the first two issues of the Dynamite/Image team-up, especially th eone that channels an iconic moment of Peanuts. #1 – After the events of […]

Something New: VS Comics


I get sent a few emails from people asking me to spotlight their comics on The Beat, so ‘Something New’ will perhaps become the recurring feature where I get to do just that. Now, I’m not saying these are new works or that the creators haven’t already established themselves – these are simply creators and […]

INTERVIEW: Antony Johnston on Adapting Alex Rider for Comics!


Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series of novels, telling the story of a young boy who becomes a super-spy, are massively popular, and have sold over 12 million copies to date. Following on from the success of the novels, Antony Johnston has been adapting the books into a series of similarly-acclaimed graphic novels for Walker Books, […]