Do we need The American Sequential Arts Guild?


Over the years there have been many attempts to start a comic book creators union or guild. Neal Adams tried one back in the day, and got frustrated and gave it up. Tony Harris recently tweeted about starting one before he got distracted by something bright and shiny. And now Rantz Hoseley, Eisner winning editor […]

Image publisher Eric Stephenson on recognizing and growing new talent


The recent argument over Image, reprints and retailers, it’s clear that conscientious retailers and creators are trying to figure this out together….it’s not a fiscal cliff type dead end. But it also underscores one of the biggest stories of the year: The ascent of Image as a very real competitor to the “Big Two” in […]

MoCCA Fest 2013 announces steering committee, new projects


Last summer, the Musuem of Comics and Cartoon Art in NYC lost their physical space and transferred their assets to the Society of Illustrators. Although the SoI is a well-regarded institution, there was a lot of private concern over the MoCCA fest and how it would proceed. Details of the first SOI run show have […]

The Beat Comic Reviews for 12/12/12: Batman Vs Vampires


Hey! It’s one of those dates where American readers can’t shout at me for getting the day and month the ‘wrong’ way round! Hurrah! That’s a relief. This week was Dennis Hopeless Week, with the writer bringing two new Marvel launches to the world. I’ll be reviewing one of them – the controversy-bathing Avengers Arena – […]

A Matt Bors cartoon from AUGUST


Tragically still relevant.

Bring in the Holidays with a SELFMADEHERO Giveaway!


2012 has been a spectacular year of releases for London’s SelfMadeHero. Ranging from the histrionic visionary account of the People’s Republic of China in A CHINESE LIFE to the triumphant return of SANDMAN alum Glyn Dillon in the breathtaking THE NAO OF BROWN, SelfMadeHero exemplifies the diverse breadth of the graphic novel medium. Their US […]

Before Watchmen and Solo get deluxe collections this summer


DC also released their collection plans for the DCU for May-August, and they include FOUR deluxe editions collecting the various BEFORE WATCHMEN miniseries. Perhaps even more excitingly, a big collection rounding all of the excellent (and out of print) Solo artist spotlight books will be out in June. We seem to recall some of these […]

Image and retailers: one retailer speaks out


[As part of expanding our coverage on the business end of things, we reached out to one of our retail correspondents on the Image second printing matter, who responded with this.] What a difference a day makes, and more importantly it seems that at least one publisher has decided to listen to the people who […]

Studio Coffee Run: Arrow, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, etc.


Christopher Nolan can’t talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s rumored appearance (which has already been completely and totally denied by JGL’s peoples) in Man of Steel as The Bat. And while we are on the subject of Man of Steel, I am just going to assume that you saw the trailer that everyone went frikkin’ batsh*t over […]

So what’s up at Vertigo, anyway? A Sandman Omnibus for one thing.


When it was announced that executive editor Karen Berger was stepping down last week, articles on the Vertigo imprint immediately took on an elegiac tone—even though official DC press outlets insisted that the line was not going any where. Everyone seemed to be projecting their own anxieties onto the line’s fate. Now, an ICv2 interview […]

Chicago Comics damaged in bar crawl brawl


The mean streets of the Windy City took a toll on the storefront of well known comics shop Chicago Comics when a holiday bar crawl turned into a brawl. On Saturday night, revelers in the Twelve Bars of Christmas pub crawl launched a row in front of Chicago Comics that left the front window smashed […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/14/12: Don’t mess with the Oatmeal


§ If you were playing along on the Moore/Morrison stuff and can stand ONE MORE LINK, this piece on Moore, Morrison, Supergods by Emmet O’Cuana provides a fine coda. § DO NOT mess with The Oatmeal. § This piece on actors who have appeared in more than one comic book movie proved that I was […]

Jim Zub and Edwin Huang Launch ‘Savage Skullkickers’ in March


Following on from the success of Uncanny Skullkickers #1 next February, Image have announced the launch of a brand new #1 issue in March – Savage Skullkickers, from the creative team of Jim Zub and Edwin Huang.