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Christopher Nolan can’t talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s rumored appearance (which has already been completely and totally denied by JGL’s peoples) in Man of Steel as The Bat. And while we are on the subject of Man of Steel, I am just going to assume that you saw the trailer that everyone went frikkin’ batsh*t over this week. I saw it and I have the same thing to say about it that I’ve been saying for months – TARNISHY. One other Man of Steel related thing, the French magazine, Studio Cine Live, has a cover which shows a closeup of the new, very tarnishy and high tech sporty Superman suit for the super reboot. (via Movieline, IGN, and Studio Cine via SuperHero Hype)

Here are a bunch of movie posters for that zombie love story movie we discussed a while ago, Warm Bodies. The film comes out February 1st, 2013. (via

My boyfriend, John Barrowman, is set to play the villainous Malcolm Merlyn on the CW’s Arrow, while TV Guide reports that Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes is joining the cast as Roy Harper (aka Speedy). (via CBR and TV Guide)

It’s not looking like Alan Cummings’ Nightcrawler is going to be one of the returning mutants for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Nobody called him about it. (via SuperHero Hype)

Iron Man 3 has added Chinese actor, Wang Xuequi to the cast as Dr. Wu. (via Deadline)

Spinoff Online picked up a rumor from Latino Review that the long-awaited Justice League movie will be based on the story arc from 1980′s Justice League of America Issues #183-185 (via Spinoff Online)

Zambell Films has acquired journalist, Laurie Sandall’s Eisner-nominated graphic novel, The Imposter’s Daughter (via Deadline)

Cartoon Network has ordered 14 episodes of a new animation short series called Clarence, created by Skyler Page. Clarence will be the third series to be developed by the network’s “shorts development initiative.” The first two series to come out of the short’s initative, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe and Pete Browngardt’s Uncle Grandpa, were announced in September, with production reportedly beginning early next year (via Deadline)

Lastly, The Fantastic Four reboot release date has been announced. The film’s release is set for March, 2015. (via

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  1. My cynical prediction is that JGL will appear in Man of Steel as his character from Dark Knight Rises (but not as Batman) but then Henry Cavill will show up in the Justice League movie with a new Batman that isn’t JGL.
    I really want them to let the Nolan Batman movies be done with.

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