DC edges out Marvel in tight August battle

Although only a few hundredths of a point apart in units, DC edged out Marvel in dollars for a win in August’s sales charts. DC was led by BATMAN: EARTH ONE and the rest of its Batman franchise; while Marvel’s two issues of AVX led the single issue charts.
Sales month over month, year to year and year to date were all up significantly.

Starlin: Marvel and I are now talking

One of the topics we’ve all had our eyes on here at Creator Watch 2012 is the Jim Starlin Situation. In brief, as you all know, Thanos was teased as a villain at the end of THE AVENGERS, and the announced Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be setting up some kind of cosmic menace for Marvel’s movie universe. And it just so happens that Thanos — and Gamora, who is a member of the GotG — were both created by Starlin as part of his run on Warlock.

In the case of Thanos, Starlin has posted evidence showing that he created the character prior to working at Marvel. And when asked about the character’s appearance in the third highest grossing movie of all time, it turned out that he had been in the dark about it. As if that wasn’t ominous enough, a Thanos miniseries to be written by Joe Keatinge was announced with great fanfare and then very hastily canceled, with no reason given, leaving room for all kinds of speculation that the character might be in some kind of ownership tussle.

Oni ups Rohac

Oni’s former Operations Director George Rohac has been promoted to Director of Business Development, the company announced today. Rohac will relocate to the East Coast in order to pursue working with various Oni partners. Rohac joined the company in 2009.