Sergio Toppi, a personal memory

Sergio Toppi signing in Barcelona Comicon.jpg
by David Macho

Some hours ago I found out Sergio Toppi has passed away. Art as a whole, and not only comics or illustration, has lost one of its biggest masters and even more important, a kind, humble, and amazing human being with a heart of gold. Also this year, we’ve lost Jean Giraud (Moebius) and, very recently, Joe Kubert. Three giants I had the immense honor to meet, and that leave a hole that will be so, so difficult to fill.

I won’t go into detail about Sergio’s resume. I assume you’ve been able to read about that all day, and Lambiek did it much better than I could, but I will ask you to check his art there and anywhere you can, because not a single word I could say would do the man any justice. As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words, and in Toppi’s case, that is selling him short.

But I will tell you a personal story about how I met Sergio Toppi, as I recall it…
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Rob Liefeld quits DC

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JManga leads weekly digital manga charge

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Urasawa doesn't like digital

Oh no, Naoki! Not you too!

Anime News Network’s Maine-born, cute pen-wielding Rebecca Silverman lives out our fantasy with a brief interview with Naoki Urasawa, the world’s greatest living genre cartoonist. Among the awkward translated exchanges:

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Wonder Woman and Superman Have Some Sex

By Steve Morris

What happens whan an immovable lesbian object hits an unstoppable asexual force? As revealed by Entertainment Weekly today, they apparently have unconvincing heterosexual sky sex. [Read more…]