David Glanzer on what's up with WonderCon and Comic-Con

[As shown by our lively comments thread on our previous whither WonderCon posts, people love guessing what’s up with Comic-Con! Rather than guess, we sat down with CCI’s VP of Marketing and Public Relations as the show was winding down on Sunday to find out where it will be next year, and what other changes in this year’s Big Show we can expect.]

WonderCon 2012: Digital Comics Price Fight!

After braving the (for Southern California) biblical rain storms in getting from San Diego to Anaheim, I rushed past the bewildered cheerleaders and volleyball players to make what was promised as a panel full of pyrotechnics.  Mark Waid versus David Steinberger of comiXology over the appropriate price point for digital comics.  Same as print?  An iTunes like $0.99 flat price for everything?  Somewhere in between?