Advance Review: "Saga" By Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

You remember Brian K. Vaughan? He used to write comics. Y:The Last Man. Ex Machina. The vastly under-appreciated Dr. Strange: The Oath. Then he left comics to write television. Some show called “Lost.” Its not on anymore. Well, Vaughan is back. In style, no less. This Wednesday, his comeback project drops. Its called Saga. A double-sized issue for $2.99. And it’s really, really good.

Marvel's Captain Marvel is coming back

DC’s Captain Marvel may be gone, but Marvel’s is coming back, as per the above teaser. Details will be revealed at the Tom Brevoort panel at WonderCon on the 15th.

Complete February 2012 Diamond charts

Here are the complete sales charts from Diamond for last month:

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Piskor's retro cover to the Wizzywig collection

Check out the awesome Mac manual tribute cover to Ed Piskor’s WIZZYWIG collection, coming later this year from Top Shelf.

John Carter: flop or victim?

Well, it’s official, JOHN CARTER is being labeled a disaster, a flop, an “Ishtar” and anything else that signifies profit-and-loss ratio infamy. The media decided a while ago that this movie was going to be a disaster for Disney, and after finishing #2 for the weekend with barely $30 million—despite making over $100 million worldwide—every ill omen has been seen as sagacious. And the hate is baffling.

The Walking Dead recap: Season 2, Episode 12: Huge shocker!

Click here for a shocking spoiler about basic cable’s #1 rated show!