Bloggers alert Marvel to IT vulnerability that gave pirates free access

So let me get this straight; comics pirates have been tapping directly into Marvel’s servers to get the pristine digital copiesthat they post like clockwork every Wednesday?

Humphries joins Hickman for Ultimate Comics: Ultimates

Sam Humphries is going to the ultimate ultimate with ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES. We are really just posting this as a shout out to long time Beat pal Sam Humphries, who will be co-writing the book with Jonathan Hickman starting with issue #10; Luke Ross is the interior artist. Humphries has been at the writing game for a few years, but he’s finally about to blow up, with a ton of new assignments.

Nice art: Faith Erin Hicks explains A Wrinkle in Time

The Madeleine L’Engle classic gets a new look in this adorable comic.

First Look: Game of Thrones #8, Fool Moon #6

Dynamite has passed along the covers to GAME OF THRONES #6 and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files FOOL MOON #3. Both issues go on sale in May.


Although we’re used to those strategic “print run sellout” press releases coming from publishers at a steady clip, it’s less often that comics publishers tout topping the BookScan sales chart, which tracks sales in bookstores, and other non DM outlets, for the week. However, Dark Horse notes that Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Promise Part 1 “soared” to the top of the BookScan chart last week. This is the Gene Luen Yang-penned bridging story between the popular TV show and the eagerly awaited sequel, Legend of Korra. The art is by the Japanese team Gurihiru.

Dynamite's Pulp Revival Continues: The Spider Scheduled For May; First Five Pages Previewed

With The Shadow already scheduled Dynamite is now scheduling their second pulp adaptation, The Spider. The Spider was effectively The Shadow’s nastier little brother. Originally created to tap into the popularity of the Shadow’s pulp magazine, The Spider amped up the Shadow’s format: more violent, more lurid, wider-ranging schemes from the villains, more outright “weirdness” in the “Weird Tales” sense of “weird.” The other major difference was that The Spider had a more streamlined backstory: only one identity and a much smaller circle of sidekicks/assistance.

New John Carter clips try to pave the way

With less than a month to the premiere of JOHN CARTER, Disney is releasing all kinds of new goodies, to try to explain why you should see this.

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Part Two: D+Q, Small Press, Christianity

. Here’s the second part of February’s preview.  There’s some unusual titles here (including a publisher of religious graphic novels), some which don’t seem to exist beyond a listing on Books In Print. As usual, my boilerplate: So, here’s what caught my eye.  Please comment below, and please feel free to mention titles I may […]