So let me get this straight; comics pirates have been tapping directly into Marvel’s servers to get the pristine digital copiesthat they post like clockwork every Wednesday?

It was left to detectives David Brothers and David Uzumeri to launch a thorough investigation of the matter, blog about it, and actually find the breach and alert Marvel to it.

So as of today, the pirates will have to find a new workaround.

In the movie version of this story, Brothers will be portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Uzumeri by Elijah Wood. Jason Shiga will draw the comics adaptation.


  1. Pirates are awesome. They always get around the system… and by Monday will already have another way to do it in place.

  2. Why would they alert Marvel? Is Marvel paying them?

    This should stop the pirates for all of one evening. They’re a resourceful, persistent bunch, those pirates.

  3. Giilian Davencroft: “But over on bleeding cool its being reported as the work of marvel insiders and not pirates.”

    What? Bleeding Cool “reported” it? Then it MUST be 100% true.

    THE BC story was written after the 4th Letter piece BUT before it was updated. And BC didn’t update.

  4. Actually, in a lot of cases, there is a specific vulnerability that allows hackers access to your server. Once that specific vulnerability is patched or otherwise closed, the problem is fixed. Hackers don’t have magic wands that let them onto any computer anywhere (contrary to what you may have seen in the movies) and companies who hire competent IT managers who keep their servers up-to-date and don’t generally give outsiders unlimited access to private content.

    Now, whether such a quick and comprehensive response is possible at a company that’s recently gone through an acquisition and is being pressured to cut its costs… that’s another story.

  5. I have substantially more faith in the pirates who have been working for years and have a perfected distribution system to deliver a quality digital release than I do Marvel.

  6. Scratchie: “companies who hire competent IT managers who keep their servers up-to-date and don’t generally give outsiders unlimited access to private content.”

    See now, Scratchie, THERE’S yer problem.

    Of cuss, the fact that it’s Marvel and roughly 99.44% of its content is warmed-over pap is yer other problem.

    (as opposed to DC’s Nu52, at 99.45%…)

  7. Its pretty bad when you don’t even want to read certain pirated comics for FREE, they are so bad and not worth your time wasted on reading them! :-P

  8. @Scratchie: Patches to close vulnerabilities in computer software are made available sometimes months after the vulnerability has been exploited.(See Adobe Products)

    Competent crackers use redundancy as well as competent I.T. managers. Once crackers have access to a system of value, they will install multiple backdoors and administrative accounts. This will continue to allow them access should one of their other openings be discovered and closed.

    Hence, when discussing remedies for a compromised system, the mantra: “Nuke it from orbit…” is used. (See Sonys online communities)

    @PencilSharp: thx 4 d lulz