The Glory (Image / Extreme) Relaunch: an 80s Take on a 90s Book

In many ways, Rob Leifeld’s old Extreme line was the epitome of the Direct Market in the mid-90s. Imagine my surprise when I’m reading the relaunch of one of those books at realize it’s very much a mid-80s comic.

As with the Prophet re-launch, the Glory re-launch is something a bit different. This time out writer Joe Keatinge and artist Ross Campbell channel Miracleman and Airboy for their new series, debuting with Glory #23. Miracleman and Airboy? Yes, I said it.

Pizza Island disbands; ex-members engage in all-out friendliness

When six of today’s finest, funniest cartoonists created a studio together it was news; that all of them were women somehow made it a “thing”. Thus it is with some sadness but a sense of inevitability that the disbanding of the Pizza Island studio has been noted on its blog. Gathering together Kate Beaton, Sarah Glidden, Domitille Collardey, Julia Wertz, Lisa Hanawalt, Meredith Gran and most recently Deana Sobel, this kind of talent put in one room would have been noteworthy under any circumstances.

IDW goes digital-only with Transformers: Autocracy series

You wanted 99 cent comics? You got ’em. Digital comics, that is. In what’s a first for the Transformer series, IDW is making one of it’s premiere licensed comics available first as a digital-only 12-part series selling for 99¢ for an 8 page chapter. The chapters will be released every two weeks starting today.

Halo-8 releases Godkiller: Tomorrow's Ashes as print/digital sub hybrid

Everyone is figuring out new ways to get their stuff out there. Halo-8 is a multimedia company that just funded the OCCUPY COMICS anthology via Kickstarter — but it’s being released a little differently. People who purchased the book via Kickstarter get a digital subscription until the printed version comes out.

They’re using a similar system for GODKILLER, a comic written by Halo-8 head Matt Pizzolo and illustrated by Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk, previously known for LUCID (Archaia) and the OCCUPY COMICS promo image.