Sales Charts: Why Diamond classifies Random House as a "Small" publisher

Courtesy of Diamond, we’ve been posting their top sales charts for 2011 today (more are coming) — but one question keeps coming up. Diamond releases charts for both “Indie” publishers and “Small” publishers. What is the difference? When you see Random House — the world’s biggest publisher — on Diamond’s “Small” chart, it seems paradoxical. Well, Diamond has provided us with some definitions.

EXCLUSIVE: AvX Alan Davis teaser

Fight! Marvel is releasing a series of teasers for Avengers vs X-Men, the big slugfest for 2012, and we’re pleased to EXCLUSIVELY present this one by the great Alan Davis .

The biggest superhero brawl in the history of the Marvel Universe begins this April in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1!
Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!

MeCAF announces Beaton and Kibuishi

The Maine Comics and Art Festival — which will be held Sunday, May 20th in Portland, ME — has announced its first two guests: Kate Beaton and Kazu Kibuishi. This is a nice show in a nice venue that has a strongly family-oriented focus. We’re not aware of too many shows that have so much kid-friendly material front and center and it’s good to hear the show is still going strong with a marquee guest like Beaton.

Marvel won 2011; JL #1 and WALKING DEAD topped charts

Diamond has released its year-end figures for 2011 and Marvel eked out a win over DC despite the New 52 surge at the end of the year. Image was #3, with Dark Horse and IDW in a near-dead heat for #4 and #5. Dynamite was a clear #6

Although we’ll be posting the entire list in a page view. Diamond also released the top ten comics and GNs. DC won nine of the top comics spots, despite one Marvel appearance for the “Death of Ultimate Spider-Man” issue.

In the graphic novels, WALKING DEAD ruled the roost, although, predictably, Batman and Alan Moore made an appearance. Less predictably, so did Nick Spencer’s MORNING GLORIES collection.

Detective Comics Backup Announced, _Not_ Linked to Batman Backup

For the moment, it looks like the rumor mill was wrong on the Bat-book backups being linked. At least if they are, it in’t in an obvious way. DC has announced the backup in Detective Comics will be a 10-page feature about Harvey Dent, A.K.A. Two-Face. Since this is going to highlight Dent’s history, I suppose it’s possible the Court of Owls (the backup in Batman) will pop up in Dent’s past, but that’s not the first thing that comes to mind.