Superman: Earth One – Volume Two Announced for 2012

After announcing Batman: Earth One, DC follows up by announcing the second volume of the JMS/Shane Davis Superman: Earth One graphic novel series. The first volume of this Superman reboot sold VERY well and made a strong case for original graphic novels in the superhero genre. (As opposed to Vertigo’s Sandman and Fables offerings.) While the Batman volume appears to be set for July, no date seems to be released for Superman:Earth One. Volume 1 was released in November 2010, so it would make sense if this were another late fall/holiday gift release.

Nice art: The real cover to the SAMMY THE MOUSE collection

Due to a computer glitch we had a corrupted file for the cover to Zak Sally’s SAMMY THE MOUSE collection up in a previous post, so for your viewing pleasure here’s the real deal. If you missed the news, Sally is collecting the three Ignatz issues of his dark strip for a 104-page trade which he funded on Kickstarter. The book will be out in March and yes — he used that amazing printing press in his garage to print it himself. He hopes for a second collection later this year.

BATMAN: EARTH ONE will appear in 2012

DC’s Earth One line has always been a little mysterious. It was started as a repository for some early trial runs at an Ultimate DC line, but then SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE became a massive hit in bookstores. Stablemate BATMAN: EARTH ONE by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank has been waiting in the wings since the line was announced in 2009. But 2012 will be the year!

Although a release date wasn’t mentioned, perhaps the book will be marketed in Daily News by comparing it to Hunger Games, just as SEO was compared to Twilight.

Case study: Axe body spray thinks comics readers need sexy scent

If you’ve watched any male-targeted TV programming in the last five years you know that it only takes one squirt of Axe body spray to turn the pudgiest sportsbar refugee into a rampaging sex god with the ladies. And now the cologne company has decided to turn to the comics audience with an interactive graphic novel. YOU can view the idea for Axe Anarchy in the above video — basically normal looking schlubs and super hot women in the Brokeback pose. But all can contribute!

Sam's Club banned Lego Bible for being too racy

We don’t know HOW we missed this story when it originally broke as we’re such huge fans of The Brick Testament at Stately Beat Manor. Lest you forget, this is one man’s crazy 10-year quest to retell the Bible using Legos a gargantuan task of posing and photographing, not to mention compression. When the book came out in November, we were all over that shit, and so, originally, was massive ass market retailer Sam’s Club and religious bookstores, who thought that a version of the Bible told in colorful brick would appeal to children.