Coming Attractions: Some Constructive Criticism


A few suggestions on how publishers can improve their websites. Feel free to add your own in the comments! (And, yeah, I guess we could take some ourselves, “what’s sauce for the goose” and all that…)

"Tintin" ventures far into the uncanny valley 


Hey America! You’ve been given what you always wanted — a TINTIN movie directed by Steven Spielberg! Right?

But despite the years of clamor for this entertainment — and the enthusiastic bowler-hatted selling by Spielberg and co-producer Peter Jackson — THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN has been a bit of an underperformer at the crowded Chrsitmas box office, coming in at #5 for the long weekend with a 4-day weekend take of $14.3 million and a cumulative of $22.3 million. This has not been a huge worry to Paramount and Sony, however, because worldwide, it’s already made $240 million.

Holiday reading: The War on Christmas! by Handy and Goldman


Bruce Handy and Dan Goldman give us the lowdown on the ongoing War on Christmas via a webcomic at Vanity Fair.

A war on Christmas? A harrowing and real thing, if you ask the values police. So we sent leathery war correspondent Bruce Handy and grizzled war cartoonist Dan Goldman to record the frontline combat for posterity, in the manner of their Civil War–era Harper’s forebears. Where we lay our scene: a suburban mall, its Santa’s village defended from invaders by his little helpers. (What follows may contain graphic elf violence.)

The Dark Cat rises trailer


The folks at MovieCLIPS have just released the TrailerCats version of the Dark Knight trailer, and as much as we like Tom Hardy, darned if Bane doesn’t look just as scary when portrayed by a hairless cat. Plus, easier to understand.

The Parade of Time: Glastonbury Underwear


At this time of year it is good to confront our own mortality as shown via drop-butt underwear.

The Freelance Life: Making it in webcomics in Romania


The Romanian webcomic Fredo and Pid’jin, has been a big success for its creators Eugen Erhan and Tudor Muscalu, this piece at Next Web tells us, if by success you mean lots of links on Reddit and Digg. What emerges is the story of two guy with a dream and a webcomic about two evil pigeons out to conquer the world. Things looked low, but then a guy who works on the Simpsons came and told them they were on the right track, energizing them to carry on. But…questions remain:

The Freelance Life: What Cee Lo can teach cartoonists


Since everyone is always comparing the comics business to the music business in terms of retail erosion, howabout looking at a music success story? The New York Times has a profile of musician Cee Lo Green explaining how, despite the economic decimation in the music industry, he’s been able to make some $20 million this year by rigorously branding himself and expanding his activities to including numerous TV hosting gigs, merchandising and Vegas. Along the way some interesting iTunes numbers are dropped.

Although “F&^% You,” Cee Lo’s anthemic yet catchy song of moving on was downloaded some 5.3 million times in the US, that doesn’t mean he made $5 million from it.