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A group blog devoted to memories of the much missed publisher. Above, Jason T. Miles and Williams talk comics late into an SPX night while Tom Neely tries to sleep.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES breaks AVENGERS download record

2012 is not only set to be the end of the world, but perhaps the greatest box office showdown in modern times as THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES are both coming out…both movies have a chance at rewriting box office history. THE DARK KNIGHT is already #2 on the all-time list and has now won the first battle: the new trailer was downloaded 12.5 million times in its first 24 hours on iTunes, breaking the record of 10million downloads set in October by THE AVENGERS.

What do you think? Which movie has YOU ruining a perfect good pair of jorts?

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 12/23/11 interview edition

One of the best comics traditions of the holiday season is The Comics Reporter’s Holiday Interview series, which is running now. As usual it’s an information- and insight-filled series. Thus far we have:

20 Days of Christmas: Next Media Animation

Those Taiwanese animators are at it again with a Christmas scandal…and wishes.

Cover Gallery: Joe Simon

When Joe Simon passed away at the age of 98 last week, he left behind an impressive body of work. Although everyone knows he was the partner of Jack “King” Kirby, Simon and Kirby were partners in the truest sense — collaborating freely on art and writing, with Simon mostly the editor and Kirby the art director. However, Simon was a prolific artist on his own. While he didn’t have Kirby’s command of sheer power and imagination, he did have a way with wiry, dynamic heroes. Heritage Auctions recently ran a cover tribute to Simon in their newsletter — have a look:

What's In Store For Hank Pym and Full Color Equivalents of Essentials – Marvel's New Book Catalog

Hachette’s Marvel catalog for May – August 2012 is out and we find a few interesting tidbits that might give us a clue to what Marvel’s up to next. The big question is what’s up with Henry Pym?