Topps and IDW team for MARS ATTACKS

Those gruesome/adorable Mars Attacks! cards from the ’60s just got another resurrection: Topps and IDW will team for a comics series next year, just in time for the iconic card set’s 50th anniversary. And the door looks wide open for more branded entertainment.

A perfect distillation of the ’50s obsession with little green men mixed with EC’s gleeful gore, the cards were the work of artist Norman Saunders and inspired the 1996 Tim Burton film.

Digital Update: Kobo Vox a Viable Platform for Digital Comics?

Despite all the attention the Kindle Fire has generated in the weeks since its announcement, there is another very similar device coming to the market, even before the Fire arrives on November 15. The Kobo Vox eReader is available for purchase today at $199, the exact same price as the Kindle Fire, and in fact they share the same size, form factor and screen resolution (1024×600). The Kindle has a dual core CPU while the Vox’s is single core, they both have 8Gb of internal storage, although the Vox is expandable to 32GB with a MicroSD card, and both the devices run heavily modified versions of the Android operating system, that discourage, but do still allow users to install their own choice of apps, in contrast to Apple iPads.

New campaign: A Buck for Jack

Earlier today we noted Stan Lee’s penchant for pacting. Sadly, his partner in the Marvel Age, Jack Kirby, did not live to see the era where his creations and influence dominate pop culture. In fact, his family is right now engaged in a bitter dispute with Marvel Comics over the rights to the characters he created.

Some have called, passionately, for a boycott of Marvel over this. and they would have the high ground. But if a boycott isn’t your style. Nat Gertler has started his own way to remember The King, a program called A Buck for Jack, which suggests you donate a dollar every time you go see a movie based on Kirby’s creations.

Jim Woodring has a new website!

To cleanse our palate from the previous Stan Lee story, happy news that Jim Woodring’s website has been relaunched. Mary Woodring tells us “Be advised that Mr. Woodring has a brand new web site (designed by Plexipixel of Seattle) that is loaded with such features as an extensive gallery, ecards, wallpaper and links to various relevant media as well as other eye-tingling and spine-watering delights.”