RED 2 set for August 2, 2013

Summit Entertainment has just announced that RED 2, the sequel to RED, will be released on August 2nd of 2013.

The first film, very loosely based on the Warren Ellis/Cully Hamner mini-series, came out last year, and scored a surprise hit with its tale of over-the-hill spies (Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, et al) getting back together for one more gig.

Brubaker goes Hollywood with COWARD

Another day, another option, but this one is a bit different — this time the comics creator himself has been tapped to write the script. Ed Brubaker is writing a script for a COWARD movie based on the first arc of his CRIMINAL series, says Variety. David Slade (TWILIGHT, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) is attached to direct for Jamie Patricof‘s Hunting Lane Films.

FOUND: The Superman check that changed history

Looking upon the images of this check inspires both awe and revulsion. Awe that such a key part of American cultural history has been found. Revulsion that the American comic book industry was birthed in exploitation of the creators. And before anybody gets up in the comments to complain about “the greedy family,” know that buying all rights in perpetuity was not necessarily the standard even in 1938.

Webcomic alert: Muktuk Wolfsbreath is drawing to a close

We’ve previously plugged Terry LaBan’s MUKTUK WOLFSBREATH, HARD BOILED SHAMAN because it’s a hardboiled detective story about love, metaphysics, and obsession set among reindeer-herding tribesmen in the chilly forests of Siberia. Best elevator pitch ever! Terry writes to let us know the story is wrapping up soon, so there’s still time to jump on board the reindeer.

Nice art: Garry Trudeau draws Cul-de-Sac

Team Cul-de-Sac launched as a fundraising effort for Parkinson’s Disease Research after Reuben award-winning cartoonist Richard Thompson was diagnosed with the disease. The plan is to publish a book next spring and auction off some of the all-star art. Along the way it’s featured art by retired cartoonists like Bill Watterson and Cathy Guisewite, all drawing Thompson’s Otterloop characters. Here’s a new piece by not-retired cartoonist Garry Trudeau. This is gonna be some book.