More Marvel layoffs include Pondscum

More names of the layoffs at Marvel are drifting out, including Taylor Esposito and Damien Lucchese and Special Projects’ Production Coordinator Jerry Kalinoski. A total of 12 people were let go from editorial and production.

Also among those laid off: Scott “Pondscum” Elmer, also known as Scummy. Elmer had been with Marvel since the days of Romita’s Raiders, a survivor of bankruptcies and Marvelcutions of the past and a figure of some legend to Marvelites past and present. He’s shown above in a photo with fellow ex-Marvelites John Czop and Steve Bunche.

Our very best to all those let go today.

To do tonight: Cousin Corinne's LIVE COMIX BLOCK with von Buhler and Roberts

More comics readings tonight with Cynthia von Buhler and Kat Roberts.

SDCC 12: Parade nixed, but Balboa Park may be in the works

Word out of San Diego is that the previously rumored “a nationally-televised parade that would kick off or end Comic-Con” will not happen after all.  San Diego City Council President Tony Young tweeted yesterday that the Con organizers were dead-set against it, likely fearing the logistical and bureaucratic challenges it would face.  Parades at comic book conventions are hardly unknown, though, with Atlanta’s DragonCon holding a justly famous parade each year on the Saturday morning of the show.

Layoffs at Marvel: At least three from editorial laid off at Marvel — UPDATED

Rumors of more layoffs at Marvel were the hot topic at NYCC and today, confirmation that editors Jody LeHeup and Alejandro Arbona have been laid off. CBR is reporting that as many as 15 people were let go today in a cost cutting measure.

Live action AKIRA is GO once more at WB

After many starts and stop — an Albert Hughes directed version had the plug pulled after pre-production had already started earlier this year — Warner Bros has greenlit a live action AKIRA remake again. This time Jaume Collet-Serra (ORPHAN) is set to direct. The movie apparently got new life after the budget was cut to a practically spartan $90 million.

Webcomic alert: BRAIN ROT by Ed Piskor

Continuing today’s trend of Ed Piskor webcomics at hugely successful blogs, his new strip Brain Rot is now running at Boing Boing, the memaw of all blogs. Piskor’s Wizzywig, a comic about the history of hacking, recently wrapped, and the new one looks to be both personal and created in a style to ape aging Silver Age comics.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 10/20/11

The return of a beloved Beat tradition!

Engadget brings the comics by Brown, Harbin, Piskor

Engadget, the hugely popular tech blog, is now running comics by Box Brown, Dustin Harbin, Ed PIskor and more. The comics will eventually appear on the Distro app and the web. Given the subject matter, an eventual appearance on Tumblr/refrigerator doors seems likely.

NYCC 11: Far in the madding crowd

Was it worth braving the crowds? Are comics the center of attention at NYCC? How good was a $5 hot dog taste? And what does I.M. Pei have to do with it anyway? This is it — the one you’ve been waiting for!

MEMOIR picked up by Warner Bros TV.

Another day another comics in Hollywood deal! But this one’s all in the family, as it’s been announced that Warner Bros. TV is developing MEMOIR by Ben McCool and Nikki Cook, as announced in Publishers Marketplace. The deal was negotiated by Angela Cheng Caplan at the Cheng Caplan Company. McCool writes: