New 52: Stormwatch gets a trailer

Spanish comics enabler David Macho has been doing a great job of promoting the DC relaunch comics his stable of artists is involved with, last week via tons of preview art. This week he’s doing somethign even more ambitious — trailers! And not motion comics trailers, either. Here’s the one for STORMWATCH by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepúlveda.

DC Digital: The day dawns clear on the middle of the end

After a hurricane, the sun usually comes out resulting in sparkling skies for the clean-up. As the East Coast attempts to clean up and dry off from a storm that could have been much worse (but was still pretty bad in spots) we wake up to a fairly epochal week in the history of comics. Because the internet wasn’t around, we didn’t know that the 1980 arrival of SUPERBOY SPECTACULAR or DAZZLER #1 — the first comics produced by DC and Marvel that were direct market-only — would mark the beginning of a whole new era for the comics industry, and — despite the protestations of imminent death at every turn — usher in a era of undreamed of creative fertility and energy.

Wednesday at 12:01 am the new era begins. Not the era of the New 52 — despite any declarations to the contrary, that’s really business as usual, just jump started in the manner of a car battery. No, it’s the era of digital comics. While everyone has been transfixed over whether GREEN LANTERN by Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy will be better than GREEN LANTERN by Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy; or how Tony Daniels’ DETECTIVE COMICS is going to vastly improve on his Batman comics, the real revolution has quietly been dawning on retailers and readers: DC’s decision to go with simultaneous digital and print release of their comics.

Nice art: the tweets of Rafael Kayanan

Artist Rafael Kayanan (and one-time Beat UFC color commentator) is probably best known for his work on Conan, but in recent years he’s also drawn the Punisher and Spider-Man. He’s a busy guy outside of strictly comics though– he also produces concept art for movies, and stages fights for stage and screen. Hurricane Irene found him inside and tweeting some drawings to stay busy like this Thark from the John Carter books. Check out his Twitter stream for more sketches.

Two down, 5000 to go: Deadman in development as TV series

With both their #3 characters, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, sitting on the bench in the Hollywood Bowl for now, DC Entertainment must turn to their thousands of other characters for someone to enter the game and score some points. Luckily there are many of them, and several are as colorful as Deadman, who is being developed as a possible TV show for the CW. ‘Supernatural’ producer Eric Kripke is doing the developing for Warner Bros TV.