Marvel Month to Month Sales: June 2011

Yes, yes, I know. June? It’s August. This column is horrendously late. The July sales are already out. So I’m going to focus on the big events this month and otherwise keep the commentary pretty brief. Then we’ll be back on track, the sun will shine, and everything will be lovely.

The big news in June is, of course, the death of a Spider-Man. (Don’t worry, they’ve got a spare.) FEAR ITSELF continues to sprawl across the Marvel Universe line, and there’s also the first issue of a new GHOST RIDER series.

As normal, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market, leading DC by 43% to 33% in unit share and 39% to 28% in dollar terms.

Show Report: Rainy Sunday fails to dampen comics at PACC

by Brady Russell
— For the Philadelphia Alternative Comic-Con this past Sunday in The Rotunda, it rained. It rained like it wanted to wash the show away. Sometimes it was a hammering downpour. The kind of rain where, even if you got a lift there in a taxi, you’d still get soaked running from the curb to the door. Still, the rain wasn’t all bad. Last year’s PACC was scorching hot. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to stay in that room for 7 hours in 2010. This year, it wasn’t nearly so hot, but everyone came in the door saying they couldn’t touch anything until they dried off.

Dynamite relaunches The Shadow

Introduced as a mysterious radio narrator by David Chrisman, William Sweets, and Harry Engman Charlot for Street and Smith Publications, The Shadow was fully developed and transformed into a pop culture icon by pulp writer Walter B. … “Dynamite is working to launch the Shadow with some of the comic industries leading talent including John Cassaday, Alex Ross, Ryan Sook and Jae Lee, with more to be announced – creators who will bring justice to The Shadow. 

Attention Angelenos: you still have Powercon/ThunderCon

Anyone in the LA area who is bummed over the postponed Wizard World LA show scheduled for September 24-25 should be aware that Power-Con is still on for those dates. This small two-day fan show is focused on Thundercats, He-Man and She-Ra. It’s a small show but sounds like a swell afternoon if you’re into 80 animation. More info: