Marvel surprise: It was FF #600 all along!

Via this morning’s teaser it turned out that November FF tease from Marvel was actually FF #600! Color me shocked! The lineup has been given as:

However, Hickman earlier tweeted:

Heads up: For various reasons, one name has been left off the teasers for FF600. @mingdoyle is also going to be joining us. #stoked!

Doyle’s name was on a recalled teaser image earlier, as we noted. Good to hear she’s actually on board the book.

But is that Human Torch flying merrily on the cover a ghostly echo of a departed friend?

Or…is he still alive?

Worra worra worra

Nice art: Ashcan All-Stars sketch blog

Ashcan All-Stars is a new all-star sketch blog featuring Shawn Crystal, Christopher Mitten, Erik Jones, James Stokoe, Khary Randolph, Moritat, Nathan Fox, Robbi Rodriguez, Ryan Stegman, Sheldon Vella and Tyler Crook. Yikes! They are currently sketching Sin City character, such as Nathan Fox’s Miho above. Much more fierce pulchritude in the link.

One Piece set record with 2 million sold in 4 days

Eiichiro Oda’s ONE PIECE continues to be the fastest selling comic book of all times, with the new Vol. 63 selling at a record breaking clip:

Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece” manga continues its strong sales record with the latest volume 63 passing the 2 million sales mark just within 4 days of its release. This amazing result outshine the performance by Vol 60 & Vol 61 which only managed to pass the 2 million mark after 1 week.

A previous volume of ONE PIECE, #60, set another record by selling 3 million copies in an 8-day period.

Womanthology: $100k may go to help start a new comics imprint — UPDATED

Anytime someone comes into a big sum of money, people will start asking what they’re going to do with it, whether it’s go to Disneyland or start a publishing company.

So when WOMANTHOLOGY, the all-woman anthology started by artist Renae De Liz raised an unprecedented $109,000 on Kickstarter — the biggest comics project ever and the 25th biggest project ever–it was inevitable that people would be asking a lot of questions. Especially since, as I learned myself, the contributors would not be paid. However, De Liz seems to have already answered most of the questions that have been raised.