Nice art: Storm and Cyclops sitting in a tree…with Greg Pak and Mike McKone

Marvel sent out another one of their teasers earlier today which got people talking a little. While the news that Greg Pak and Mike McKone were taking over writing and drawing duties of ASTONISHING X-MEN with #44 in November was notable enough, the idea that Scott and Ororo — who are in pretty tight relationships with others at this time — might be locking lips is positively TMZ territory! Pak explained:


Shel Dorf Award nominees announced

We’re not quite sure who or what the Shel Dorf Awards represent but two things:

1) they will be presented for the first time this year at Detroit’s Detroit Fanfare show September 24-25 and

2) we were nominated in the Best Blogger category…so thanks to whoever!


Comic shops hit in UK rioting all open for new comics day

News roundup and some personal notes on the rioting.


MoCCA’s statement on new dates and other industry reaction

On Saturday we broke the news that the MoCCA Festival in New York and Stumptown in Portland, OR would share the same dates, April 28-29, as MoCCA had finalized their dates for the same weekend. Since then, all the participant have spoken out regarding the unfortunate timing.

MoCCA museum director Jack Walsh has just released a statement:


Frances Bean Cobain sports Al Columbia tattoo in goth-y photos

As many have noted, Frances Bean Cobain, long the innocent ping pong ball in a custody battle with her stability challenged mother, Courtney Love, and other family members, will be 18 in a few days. And to celebrate, she’s been photographed by fashion designer Hedi Slimane, best known for his ultra-slim cut suits. Along the way Cobain shows off a tattoo based on a character by cartoonist Al Columbia (Pim and Francie) — which should come as no surprise, since Cobain’s art alter ego Fiddle Tim lists Columbia as an influence.

These pictures from Slimane have gotten wide play and they are beautiful. If you scroll down the page you see his previous subject was Amy Winehouse. Given Cobain’s genetic influences, (and her swift evolution from relatively healthy looking girl to goth idol) this all looks kinda creepy. But hey, it’s probably all the lighting.


Meredith Gran on paying freelancers

Over on Google+, Meredith Gran, creator of OCTOPUS PIE, somewhat reluctantly weighs in on the women in comics thing:

So that said, here it is. My sincere thoughts on how to promote the presence of women in comics:

Pay them. No, seriously. Pay them with money.


New Marvel ‘4’ Teaser shows Human Torch

B-but…you died!!

Marvel continues to release teaser images for a November FF event, and the latest image shows the Human Torch in a variant cover by Joe Quesada.


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 8/10/11

From a new indie comics festival to De Chirico to graphic journalism to design to…well why don’t you just read it?


Watch Little Nemo-inspired video for Jascha Hoffman

Benjamin Ahr Harrison directed this swell animated video that references Winsor McCay’s great Little Nemo comic strip. Check out Hoffman’s website for more musical stylings.


The new world part 2: Bob Wayne on print and digital

You have to take “anonymous spy reports” with a grain of salt, but this write up on the recent DC retailer roadshow in London had some interesting candid comments from DC’s SVP of sales Bob Wayne. new formets — OGNs, digital — seem to be inevitable:


The new world part 1: Terry Moore on print and digital

Terry Moore has a pretty amazing track record as a self-publishing cartoonist. He’s wrapped up his magnum opus STRANGERS IN PARADISE, but instead of going into that awkward “I just finished my magnum opus” mode, he jumped right back in with a new series — the SF-tinged ECHO — and just wrapped up THAT. And now he’s a launched a new thriller series called RACHEL RISING, which debuted at Comic-Con. However, as successful as he’s been, Moore still found his new #1 underordered, and #2 orders cut back even more. It’s a familiar problem in the direct market. In an interview with Russ Burlingame, Moore is askedthe inevitable questions about digital delivery: