As many have noted, Frances Bean Cobain, long the innocent ping pong ball in a custody battle with her stability-challenged mother, Courtney Love, and other family members, will be 18 in a few days. And to celebrate, she’s been photographed by fashion designer Hedi Slimane, best known for his ultra-slim cut suits. Along the way, Cobain shows off a tattoo based on a character by cartoonist Al Columbia (Pim and Francie) — which should come as no surprise, since Cobain’s artist alter ego Fiddle Tim lists Columbia as an influence.

These pictures from Slimane have gotten wide play and they are beautiful. If you scroll down the page, you see his previous subject was Amy Winehouse. Given Cobain’s genetic influences, (and her swift evolution from relatively healthy looking girl to goth idol) this all looks kinda creepy. But hey, it’s probably all the lighting.


  1. She seems a little young to have read (or even know about) The Biologic Show. That’s Seymour Sunshine on her arm.

    This makes me want to pick through Courtney Love’s bookshelves.

  2. @jacob Goodard actually i read an interview with her from interview magazine when she debuted her art show last summer and she sited al columbia as one her main sources of inspiration. why would someone get a tattoo of something they know nothing about?