Who’s selling all the Carl Barks stuff at Heritage Auctions?

If you’re a Carl Barks collector, Heritage Auctions is selling a ton of great stuff, including autographed comics, correspondence, and, at the very high end some of Barks incredibly collectible — and expensive — oil paintings, like “Red Sails in the Sunset” which starts at $30,000.

There’s also this Barks Treasury Gold Limited Edition with Signed Certificate #320/1000 (Applewood Books, 1997) made out to “Steve.”

Bill Willingham tweets about working for superhero comics

This afternoon, Bill Willingham tweeted some typically frank thoughts about working on superhero comics — in recent years, he wrote JSA for DC, and before that Shadowpact, a group book featuring several of DC’s more supernatural characters…and Detective Chimp. And as many have said before him, working with recent brands of editorial direction tended to mitigate against spontaneity:

Marvel, Alan Moore top July sales

Spider Island and 1969 topped July’s sales figures, just released by Diamond, with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #666 topping the periodicals, and LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN CENTURY #2: 1969 topping the GN sales.

Sales were down from 2010 and down sharply from June — however, June was a five week month, and July only four. The overall market is down about 7% in both units and dollars for the year.

IDW was the #3 publisher in dollars, while Image was #3 in units; DC has closed the gap against Marvel quite a bit from the dismal May that is what many say unleashed the relaunch plans.

Tables, charts and more info below.

The International Best Comics Poll picks top ten

Recently, the Hooded Utilitarian polled a bunch of comics-type people to answer the question “What are the ten comics works you consider your favorites, the best, or the most significant?” The results of the poll have been unveiled this week. Over 200 replies were received, so it’s a pretty representative sampling. The #1 was revealed this morning and it’s not a big shocker — neither are any of the other Top 10: