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If you’re a fan of Carl Barks, the “good duck man” who revitalized Dusney’s duck comics in the ’40s and ’50s, Heritage Auctions is selling a ton of great stuff, including autographed comics, correspondence, and, at the very high end, some of Barks’ incredibly collectible — and expensive — oil paintings, like “Red Sails in the Sunset,” above, which starts at $30,000.

There’s also this Barks Treasury Gold Limited Edition with Signed Certificate #320/1000 (Applewood Books, 1997) made out to “Steve.”


Which makes you wonder if it might have once belonged to Steve Geppi, owner of Diamond and a HUGE Barks collector. Since he also owns Heritage, it seems pretty reasonable that some of the Barks stuff might once have been part of his collection.

[Thanks to “Algernon” for the tip.]


  1. I worked for a comic shop owner in the ’90s who was named Steve and would buy one Barks painting every year. Not sure how extensive his collection was but he loved Barks. He went from owning three shops to just one now so maybe he’s parting with some of his collection now.

  2. I’m with Jim, I don’t think he owns Heritage. He has Diamond Select Galleries and is always auctioning on e-bay, etc. Why would he do that if he owned heritage?

  3. steve geppi absolutely in no way owns heritage. he has divested all of his collection to pursue other oportunities in the investing world.
    how is it you finally noticed? heritage has been selling for over 2 years now.

    we all wish steve the best in his new investments and really want him to come back to his hobby,his first love as it were!!

  4. Steve Ivy is one of the co-owners of Heritage. That could be what’s causing the confusion. Also, Kirby Confer has been selling his Barks original oil paintings for the past several Signature Sales, with those oils commanding some of the top prices.

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