San Diego Comic-Con changes 2012 preregistration procedure

CCI: SD is changing how they are selling their badges for next year’s show: instead of selling passes to the 2012 edition inside the convention center, sales are being moved to the Manchester Grand Hyatt, where pre-registration will be available Thursday through Sunday from 8 am to 11 am.

SDCC11: ICv2 conference adds new speakers


That said we wouldn’t be involved if we didn’t feel it is an excellent line-up and the conference is sure to make a lot of headlines.

SDCC11: Geppi launches Fandom Advisory Network

In conjunction with the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, Diamond is helping launch the Fandom Advisory Network, a collecting oriented advocacy network for all kinds of collectors. The organization will launch at Comic-Con of course, with signings and a contest to be named the Ultimate Fan of 2011.

The Red Hood is definitely a MEMBER of the Bat family

When DC released a bunch of October Bat-book covers the other day, it was quickly noticed that Starfire’s costume had gotten much smaller, a natural move for the exhibitionist alien.

It was also noticed that part of the Red Hood had gotten bigger.

John Barber joins IDW as Senior Editor

Former Marvel editor John Barber has been named to the Senior Editor position at IDW, taking over their Hasbro licenses. Barber worked at Marvel as an editor for six years, and has a background in webcomics, which should fit in well with IDW’s strong digital presence.

In addition, IDW named Tom Waltz as senior staff writer and Alonso Simon was named assistant editor.

Cool: INFINITE KUNG FU book trailer

Kagen McLeod’s imminent INFINITE KUNG FU is a crazy-good 600 page fighting epic. Just order it already!