SDCC11: Bayfront Hilton to be wrapped up again

Last year the Bayfront Hilton adjacent to the SD Convention Center made a huge splash with a giant Scott Pilgrim wrapping — and some sadi this was as far as it was going to go.

However, according to the above tweet, the Hilton is getting wrapped again! Will Universal take the plunge again for COWBOYS & ALIENS? Or will it be something else?

Online Burn Notice comic gets 100K views

The USA Network and DC Comics recently launched a webcomic to tie in with the Season 5 premiere of Burn Notice. And readers seem to have liked it.

Cable network USA and DC Comics debuted Chapter 1 of its “Burn Notice” interactive graphic novel, “A New Day,” alongside the show’s Season 5 premiere on Thursday. To date, “A New Day” has scored more than 100,000 page views, according to the network.

Marvel announces New Stores initiative

With DC’s New 52 changing the face of comics, and getting mostly positive reviews from retailers, it was time for Marvel to announce their OWN new initiative which is aimed at people who want to open new stores. Marvel will provide deep discounts and free trade paperbacks and access to Marvel’s Retailer Resource Center.

The promotion also applies to existing accounts who want to open a new store.

It almost goes without saying that in a challenged retailing environment, opening new stores is of vital importance.

SDCC11: Nerdlebrities deal with it in their own ways

We all know what it’s like for the average attendee of Comic-Con — comics, lines, swag, expensive hot dogs — but what is it like for the Green Room crowd? Nerdlebrities are people too, and the first time appearance at Comic-Con is akin to going over the equator for sailors: following their debut, first-timers put on clothes of the opposite sex, are put in stocks, and forced to eat eggs in the shell.

Okay, maybe that isn’t quite what happens, but The Hollywood Reporter has been interviewing various nerdlebrities about their Con experiences and there is much to be gleaned.

SDCC11: Another thing going on — Gam3rCon

In case you missed the memo, offsite events are a fast-growing aspect of the Comic-Con experience. This year the creator-focused Tr!ckster event joined the line-up but there’s also a video-game focused event, Gam3rCon running July 19-24th at the 10th Street Theatre in downtown. A ticket is $5 for the day or $10 for the week but you can also register for a free one day pass. Events includes gaming — both tabletop and video, panels, rooftop parties and a Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog.

Go watch now: Derek Kirk Kim’s Mythomania

Ever wondered why there isn’t a webseries that doesfor indie cartoonists with THE GUILD does for gamers? Well now there is!

A few days ago The Beat’s Shannon O’Leary alerted you to the existence of Derek Kirk Kim’s new webseries, MYTHOMANIA, and now having watched it ourselves, it is SUPER AMAZING. Two episodes (or 9) now out tell the story of Andy Go, an aspiring indie cartoonists who lives in LA, gets rejected by publishers, hangs out with his friends arguing about Alan Moore, and hankers after a cool girl nerd cartoonist. Written and directed by Kim, it’s sharp, funny and looks great — AND it has cameos by Scott McCloud and, in an upcoming episode, Jason Shiga! WATCH IT NOW then come back for the commentary.