Kittens or Keffiyehs? The truth behind Superman #712

Did Rich Johnston get burned on one of the most outrageous stories of the month? Or is DC really afraid of Superman saving kittens?

Marvel goes Retro with AVENGERS 1959

For people who liked the historical setting for X-MEN FIRST CLASS, Marvel is rolling out some similar treats in comics form.

When it comes to retro comics that capture the feeling of past decades, Howard Chaykin is one of your go-to guys, and he’s been tapped to write and draw AVENGERS 1959 which will feature Sabretooth, Kraven the Hunter and Namora. The book spins out of Avengers continuity and features a historical superteam trotting the globe for adventures.

If football does start up in a few months…

We’ll know what to call it thanks to this Lisa Hanawalt comic published in the Believer.

Gary Groth on reprints, digital, Borders, DC and even more

Today’s slam dunk interview is Alex Dueben’s chat with Fantagraphics’ publisher Gary Groth, probably just because on the internet a frank discussion with a knowledgeable comics publishing figure is about as common as a humble moment from LeBron. Throw in that he has stellar vocabulary skills, and you have a winner.

Patric and Punch cast in Powers pilot

Jason Patric and Lucy Punch have been cast as as Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim for the Powers pilot in production for FX.

Nice art: Chris Weston’s Marvelman

A private commission Via

Urasawa’s MONSTER debuts on Netflix streaming

A growing body of comics observers have jumped on the bandwagon for Naoki Urasawa as the best genre cartoonist currently working with his layered, dynamic storytelling. But not everyone has gotten the religion! His 21st CENTURY BOYS is currently coming out from Viz, but with 15 volumes in print it could be a bit daunting to jump into. For those who prefer a video introduction, MONSTER, based on the manga of the same name, just began streaming from Netflix. The 74-episode series deals with Dr. Kenzo Tenma and his efforts to stop an insane killer whose life he saved as a boy.

DC’s mystery Wonder Woman graphic novel by Margaret Weis

In all the uproar over DC’s relaunch, what was once a somewhat robust program for original graphic novels seems to have been lost: no talk of any more Earth One books, and Vertigo’s OGN line is limping along in purgatory.

Thus an Amazon listing for WONDER WOMAN: HAND OF THE GODS by Margaret Weis, Lizz Baldwin, Justiniano and Walden Wong is of some interest.