Now say that three times fast without popping your p’s.

Jason Patric and Lucy Punch have been cast as as Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim for the Powers pilot in production for FX.

POWERS, the ongoing comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, concerns two homicide detectives who must solve crimes involving superhuman with “powers.”

Punch is a Brit actress probably best known here for THE CLASS and about to be seen in BAD TEACHER.

Patric has been in everything. His most recent comic book adaptation experience was in THE LOSERS.

Fan reaction to the Punch casting has been positive, although some have noted that Patric isn’t as bulky as Walker.


  1. ” some have noted that Patric isn’t as bulky as Walker.”

    LOL. Given the style of the art work, I don’t think that it would be humanly possible to have shoulders that broad and a waist that narrow so I think Jason Patric can be forgiven.

    I think that Kyle Chandler would have been a better fit. He looks very much like Walker and his strong silent guy demeanor certain fits the character. I suspect that Super 8’s success crossed Chandler off the list though. Patric seems like a decent choice at first glance and I trust FX’s decisions. They haven’t made a bad show in a long time and ever their shows that are ratings failures are still great shows (RIP Terriers). This will be fun to watch progress. Powers is a great book, TV is the perfect medium for it and FX is exactly the network that should be doing it.