Amazing MAD photo gallery at

Wow, we’ve linked to some amazing LIFE Magazine photo galleries before, but here is a doozy:MAD Magazine: A Semi-Secret History with photos of MAD founder Bill Gaines from the files of current editor John Ficarra. LIFE made a few images available, but each is accompanied by Ficarra’s commentary on the site with even more history and insight.

First JOHN CARTER poster

One of our pet projects here at Stately Beat Manor is tracking the progress of various attempts to adapt the John Carter books of Edgar Rice Burroughs to the screen. There have been many fits and starts over the long years, but now Andrew Stanton (WALL*E, FINDING NEMO) at Pixar is bringing this wild tale of imagination and fighting to the screen.

Nice Art: Tom Neely’s cover for Decibel

Can comics and extreme metal coexist in the same magazine? We’ll soon find out! The August issue (on sale in July) of DECIBEL has several features of interest to the comics crowd.

Russell Crowe to play Jor-El in new MAN OF STEEL

Russell Crowe will attempt to banish memories of Marlon Brando as he assays the role of Jor-El, father to Superman, in Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL reboot. Crowe joins Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Michael Shannon in the cast. THe script is by David Goyer, while Christopher Nolan instructs from the sidelines.

Reviews review: Green Lantern

And what of the other BIG event this weekend? GREEN LANTERN is the movie that will either justify the creation of a whole universe of DC superheroes (akin to Disney’s Marvel-verse) or….well, it won’t Thus far, reviews are…unfavorable, with a 24% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. . Despite this the movie is tracking very well with young men and should easily open at #1.

Reviews review: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

The Spider-Man the Musical Saga closed another chapter of its saga last night with a star studded opening — President Bill Clinton attended, as did Matt Dmon, Cindy Crawford, and of course, composers Bono and the Edge. Even more notably, director Julie Taymor, who got fired three months ago, showed up and took a curtain call. On the red carpet she was repeatedly asked if she missed being a part of this, to which she fired back, “I AM part of this.” At the end of the curtain call, Taymor and Bono even shared a cold, celebratory smooch.

Get your Tyrion Lannister T-shirt!

Although right now you might want to support the valiant Stark clan with a Robb Stark T-shirt — one of three Game of Thrones character shirts now on sale at— who can resist Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, the cunning, caustic, hard-living, altogether irresistible member of the scheming, incestuous house of Lannister? Plus, New Jersey-born Dinklage is one of the few US actors who can keep up with the acting chops of the largely British cast. Clan Morristown!

Harras and Berganza talk about DC’s September

DC’s Editor in Chief Bob Harras and executive editor Eddie Berganza explain what’s going on and invite you to what they hope will be a big party where everyone is welcome.

VIDEO: Grant Morrison talks Superman

DC has released the video of Grant Morrison from the Hero Complex Film Festival talking about Superman. Since Morrison has already reinvented Superman once with ALL-STAR, this is familiar but welcome territory.