Gene Luen Yang on LEVEL UP: Career or video games?

Gene Luen Yang’s new book, LEVEL UP, covers some territory that may be familiar to many people — a young man whose parents want him to make something of himself, while he just wants to play video games. Drawn by Thien Pham, it’s Yang’s latest exploration of growth and personal identity, especially as it relates to Asian Americans. But the book isn’t just about video game addiction. At
Wired’s GeekDad, he explains where the book is really coming from in his own experience.

TINTIN: First trailer and new posters take us for a ride in the Uncanny Valley

TINTIN is coming this Christmas! Did you remember? The Steven Spielberg-directed, Peter Jackson-produced film — shrouded in veils of mystery for the most part — has just released its first trailer, and from the looks of it, it’s fitting right into the Holiday Uncanny Valley Mocap Vacation slot that Robert Zemeckis was dragged from kicking and screaming.