It’s to benefit the CBLDF — a giant piece of art created by Molly Crabapple at Stumptown. Measuring 8 feet by 7 feet, you need a giant home to display it properly, but it will be a nice conversation starter:

true participatory performance piece, it incorporates suggestions from convention attendees, from tentacles to bottles of scotch. As staggering as the dimensions of piece are, it is all the more stunning for the amount of detail Crabapple incorporated into it.

“I love the energy of creating something massive surrounded by a crowd,” says Crabapple, “and to feed off that energy and draw something that I love. It was an honor to make an art monster for CBLDF.”

It can be yours! Bid now.


  1. Ha! I’ve seen this girl’s work before while I waited and transferred art files on WeTransfer!

    Awesome stuff! Well worth the spotlight!