RIP: Bill Blackbeard

Comic strip historian and pioneer Bill Blackbeard has died at age 84, it has been reported. Blackbeard had been in a nursing home for some years, and passed away on March 10th. As the outpourings of appreciations have shown, Blackbeard was, perhaps more than any other individual, responsible for the emergence of comic strips and (by extension) comic books as a legitimate source of art to be treasured and preserved on an institutional level.

Captain America reshoots involve New York, Nick Fury — SPOILERS

Chris Evans and Sam Jackson were doing something this weekend in Times Square. It is believed to involve Joe Johnstone, director of the Cap movie, although um, duh Cap and Fury, that could also equal the Avengers movie, which just went into production. So….since this is set in the modern day, you can kind of add it all up….and figure it out.

Irving joins Hermes Press as publicity director

Boutique classic comics publisher Hermes Press puts out a number of collections, like Brenda Starr, Dark Shadows, and so on, but we generally hear little about them. Well, that has changed starting now, since they just hired a publicity director, namely chris Irving, best known for his interviews at Graphic NYC. Irving has already set up the above-linked Tumblr blog and sent out a press release about his hire — we’d say it’s working already.