SXSWi 2011: Communities On and Offline

Comic fans care about the character or than a particular story. Be true to the characters and fans (in general) will be pleased.

To do tonight: Power Out at True Believers

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To do tonight: Haspiel, Igle and Chiang at Hanley's

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Sotomayor's Dirty Dozen with Jimmy Palmiotti: The next step for creators

[Chris Sotomayor is a successful and well known colorist for Marvel and other publishers. Recently he began a series of interviews he called “The Dirty Dozen” where he asks industry figures questions about their careers from a business standpoint. The themes are among those that we’ve recently been exploring here at The Beat as the career paths for cartoonists become more tangled — here is more opportunity than ever, but the way to get there is not always clear. Although the interviews appear first at his site, Chris has graciously allowed The Beat to reprint them. Up this time, writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti.]

Comics retailers talk about business in 2011

In spite of all the gloom and doom you get from looking at sales charts, in reality the comics business is holding its own, mostly due to the perseverance and savvy of retailers such as those polled by Ada Price in this long piece for PW. The bottom line: Although times are tough, by being cautious, stores are staying healthy:

Anatomy of a Press Release, Part 2: Disney DROPS Radical's OBLIVION

Back in August, 2010, we told you all about the story behind OBLIVION, a graphic novel concept by director Joe Kosinski (TRON: LEGACY) that was optioned to Disney Studios for a cool $500,000. It seemed like a lot of money for yet another “celebrity comic” so what was so hot about it? At the time we wrote:

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 3/30/11

Wonders and marvels of the comics world! All at the click of a link.

To Do: CAM/Hero Initiative WonderCon party April 2

The Cartoon Art Museum, The Hero Initiative, IDW and Berkley Breathed are all getting together for a party at WonderCon.