Weekend reading: HELLRAISER by Clive Barker, Christopher Monfette, and Leonardo Manco

Never afraid to try that free marketing thing, BOOM! Studios is launching their new HELLRAISER comic by making a FREE STORY available only in PDF and allowing everyone to post it. As Marketing Director Chip Mosher put it:

Scott Adams argues as well as he draws

Scott Adams is the author of the very popular workplace comic strip Dilbert. Although its humor is very accurate for those trapped in cubicle hell, it has also been held up over the years as an example of, er, declining standards in comic strip art. Still, it is very popular, a frequent object of refrigerator adornment and the books sell very well.

Scott Adams also has a blog. And one day he was asking what he should write about, and some men’s rights activists suggested that as a topic, (do these guys have a name, like Man Firsters?) so he wrote about men’s rights.

After he’d posted his little piece, he didn’t much like the comments he was getting, so he took it down. For some reason.

A least ONE nerd musical triumphs on Broadway

While the Spider-Man musical has been struggling along with all the momentum of an elderly man wearing roller skates trying to go up Lombard Hill after it has been covered with lard, another nerd-derived Broadway musical has opened with the fanfare of a million angels playing Handel’s Water Music while flying over a burning fireworks factory.

New JLA cartoon mashup not as funny as old one

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, they attempted alchemy by taking sound from Jersey Shore and playing it over the JLA cartoon.

The results were eh. But it does reference this early internet classic “Superfriends Whassup” which came out more than a decade ago, before YouTube, even:

Dude spends his free time making beautiful images of Kandor

Everyone needs a hobby. Artist Mike Kelley has a doozy.

He’s been devoting the last ten years to making glass imaged of Kandor, the lost Kryptonian “City in a bottle.” It seems that before Superman’s home planet was blown to smithereens, Brainiac stole the capital city of Kandor, shrank it down, and put it in a bottle, as we might save a ship or a guppy. Superman recovered the city in ACTION COMICS #242, and decided to keep it in the Fortress of Solitude, because nothing breaks up a lonely day like a tiny bottled city full of Kryptonians.

Bobbie Chase and Pat McCallum join DC Editorial

With a bunch of editorial types going off to California to join Geoff Johns’ secret avengers team, there have been a few openings in DC editorial of late, and at least two have been filled.

Chew picked up at Showtime

CHEW, the cibopathic comedy smash comic by John Layman and Rob Guillory has been picked up for development at Showtime, and a script by Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer has been purchased. It’s being planned as a half-hour comedy; Stephen Hopkins will direct as well as executive produce.