Ulises Farinas creates new Marvel/DC Amalgam universe

The fine folks at Comics Alliance did a very sensible thing and hired artist Ulises Farinas — whose previous Marvel art efforts have been widely admired — to create a massive Marvel vs DC Where’s Waldo type illustration. Your mission: find the Invisible Woman and dozens of other people and objects. We’ve reproduced only a tiny portion of the whole here — to see the whole thing at once would overwhelm your senses!

This Inn is out: San Diego Comic-Con housing closes until March 22

Well this time it took about 5 hours. About the same as the passes.

Since noon, people have been reserving hotels for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. While the process itself was painless — a quick entry to a website where the diligent who had planned their hotel picks could easily choose up to 20 and get out — the waiting game has begun. Or as Crazy4ComicCon aptly put it on Twitter: “nerd rage has given way to nerd angst.”

San Diego Comic-Con: Painless Hoteloween gives way to days of agonized waiting

This morning’s San Diego Comic-Con hotel registration process was, as opposed to past days, a quick 3 minute exercise during which I did not hit refresh even once.

As you may recall, in the olden days, servers were usually swamped, resulting in endless refreshing, endless waiting, endless website crashes, endless agony.

The upside was that you knew within an hour if you had your hotel.

Video Watch: Tom Gammill at CCS

Comedy writer Tom Gammill (Seinfeld, The Simpsons) has a comic strip called The Doozies, and has made a bunch of videos in which he teaches the ancient secrets of cartooning. In his 26th episode, he visits the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and discovered things about the climate and the students. The humor is a bit, er, broad, but this video is quite charming.

Twitter hacker strikes comics pros

For a while last night, Twitter and Facebook were a parade of laughs as a number of prominent comics pros were struck by a hacker who commandeered their tweets and status updates to suggest that “I just viewed my TOP10 Profile STALKERS. I can’t believe my EX is still checking me every day.” Really no fun for the hackees, but it was amusing to watch unfold. Poor Ed Brubaker was hard hit, and Chip Zdarsky suggested it was getting really out of control.

Okay, maybe you had to be there.

Spider-Man musical officially delayed again — can it be saved?

Well, it looks like The Beatwill have to see Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark again! Because when it officially opens–in JUNE this time–it could be a different show.

The NY Times reports that what everyone was whispering yesterday was true: the opening has been delayed until June, and the production — the most expensive in Broadway history — will take a break to try to fix some of the problems, and probably bring in a fixer.