Well, this time it took about 5 hours. About the same as the passes.

Since noon, people have been reserving hotels for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. While the process itself was painless — a quick entry to a website where the diligent who had planned their hotel picks could easily choose up to 20 and get out — the waiting game has begun. Or as Crazy4ComicCon aptly put it on Twitter: “nerd rage has given way to nerd angst.”

Downtown hotels were “sold out” in a few hours. Outlier hotels in Mission Bay were gone as of a little while ago.

“Gone” is a relative term, however, as the hotel rooms will be allotted in a lottery which is supposed to be based strictly on a time stamp. First come, first serve.

Adding to the uncertainty: while confirmation of receipt emails have been going out all afternoon letting people know that they are in the system, many of these emails had errors — the number of hotels picked was cut off, or the wrong fallback option was chosen.

We’ve spoken directly to someone at Travel Planners and we’re told the correct information is in their system. It’s just that the emails were wrong.

As of about 5 pm EST, this following graphic had been put up, as Travel Planners sorts out the reservations.

www.tphousing.com 2011-.jpg

We would not like to be the ones who did THAT sorting.

And now…the waiting game continues.


  1. I got mine in by the 6 minute mark and my choices basically start a closest to the con and work outward to the end of walking distance. We’ll see if 6 minutes was fast enough. If they are going by timestamp of completion, then online was the best choice. Someone else called right when it opened and it took them 15 min to get the request logged and finalized.

  2. I received a confirmation number about an hour ago. Even the Travel Planners rep was surprised. 2nd choice, Marriott Marina. Kinda pricey but I can deal.

  3. @ Biggletron: when I was calling to make Linsner.com’s arrangements as an exhibitor, it was easy to get someone on the phone.

    Anyone who’s an exhibitor, I’d imagine, would have a slightly easier time?

    Likely not going to the show regardless. Have fun all.

  4. My husband and I both submitted requests for hotels right when registration opened – as fast as we could fill out the forms (and we are fast typers!). We received confirmations of registration, but have not received our hotel reservations yet. Our friends already got their hotel reservations and at least one of them definately submitted their request AFTER us.

  5. I’m in the same boat as Amanda. I put mine in at like 2 minutes and someone I know got theirs already. Hopefully we don’t get screwed.

  6. I was finished by 9:02 and still haven’t gotten my email. I called TP this morning and the guy told me that emails were going out in the order of room booking, and implied that the people getting their top choices had heard already. I think I preferred the old system where you at least knew on the spot what you had.

  7. San Diego should set up a ‘tent city’ in the closest park for all those nerds/dorks/geeks/cosplayers/etc. who couldn’t get a room this year. All they need to do is set up port o’potties, its not like most of them shower & shave anyway!