Jim Shooter blogs

“On a November day in 1957 I found myself standing in front of Miss Grosier’s first grade class in Hillcrest Elementary School in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, trying to think of a really good word. She had us play this game in which each kid had to offer up a word to the class, and for every classmate who couldn’t spell your word, you got a point–provided, of course, that you could spell the word. Whoever got the most points received the coveted gold star.”

Charlie Sheen vs Marge Gundersson

Okay we have not been linking to EVERY single Charlie Sheen comic because, let’s face it, we’re beating this thing to death. Yes there was Family Circus and Superhero Quotes and Sheen vs Deadpool and even some Comics Alliance didn’t link to.

But it is Kate Beaton who has supplied both the only necessary Charlie Sheen comics and the FINAL Charlie Sheen comic, in a page featuring Marge Gundersson, the sensible sheriff from Fargo. That is a tiger blood rocket to Mars right there.

Until the answer is yes, we must never stop asking

It’s international Women’s Day, yo. To celebrate, let’s watch this video of Judi Dench (M) interrogating Daniel Craig (uh, James Bond) who appears in drag.

“We’re equals, aren’t we, 007?” asks Dame Dench.

Let’s also look at the day in nerd gender relations.

There was much tweeting yesterday about the new TCJ.com and the number of lady contributors. Melinda Beasi at Manga Bookshelf sums up the whole thing, and the comments have it out and then everyone sat down and ate a hearty lunch.