San Diego Comic-Con badges go on sale February 5

After two melted servers and a stressful stress test that saw 1000 tickets sold in 60 seconds despite maddening lag times, Comic-Con International: San Diego is giving it a go again, putting passes to the annual 4-day nerd fest on sale at 9 am PST on Saturday, February 5th. The entire process of just selling […]

What's the deal with: Top Cow's consolidation

2011 is going to be a tumultuous year for comics. Heck, it’s already tumultuous. There’s going to be consolidation and retrenchment. So over the next few weeks we’ll be checking in at a few companies to see what’s going on — some of it’s great and some of it is not so great. We will start with Top Cow which announced last week that they were consolidating many of their functions at Image Central, including production, marketing and sales efforts.

Fantastic Three Death watch

Okay, so a member of the Fantastic Four died in FF #587 — a comic which would normally be on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, like usual, but went on sale early at selected retailers. At the same time, a story hit the wires, NPR and just about every other media outlet with a “DEATH IN THE FAMILY” type story, effectively spoiling what had been a pretty well kept secret until then. Twitter was fluttering from the moment the stories hit. Whether you were outraged or shrugged your shoulders at the spoilage it was yet another example of a Big Two publisher planting a major media story and having no good option for timing. This also happened, famously, with the death of Captain America, the death of Batman, and surely many others stories we are too jaded to remember.

Fight: Gabrielle Bell vs bedbugs

Gabrielle Bell is cartooning about her experiences with bedbugs in a strip called “Nocturnal Guests” and it’s funny and creepy. Here in NYC, the herpes of furniture is an ever present threat hanging over the heads of even decent folks. For a packrat like us, bedbugs would be the end of life itself. It’s getting so you just cross the street when you see a mattress on the sidewalk.