Tokyopop goes to Diamond for distribution

Tokyopop has just signed a deal with Diamond Book Distributors for distribution to both comics shops and bookstores. This marks Tokyopop’s return to Diamond after signing a big joint venture with HarperCollins in 2006 for distribution and new products. The deal saw Tpop packaging such bestsellers as The Warriors for HC., but not much seems […]

Firstish look: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man UPDATE

He’s done launching social networks, and has moved on to climbing walls. The first photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man has been released; he definitely has a full head of hair. Romita-sense…tingling! UPDATE: Sheesh, when this image first appeared, we were going to do a jokey image analysis with breakouts and enhanced detail, but ran […]

Newish look: Chris Evans as Captain America

This grainy scan from tomorrow’s EW is running around the internet. We smell something, and it smells like THE ROCKETEER.

A few questions with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso

[Little more than a week ago, Marvel announced a big change at the top, with VP, Executive Editor Axel Alonso being promoted to the role of Editor-in-Chief. A ten-year Marvel veteran, Alonso originally forged his name as one of the best regarded editors of the modern era during a stint at DC’s Vertigo imprint where he developed 100 Bullets and won a reputation as an editor of thought-provoking action who got career-defining work from writers like Garth Ennis and Brian Azzarello. As one of the main players at the Jemas/Quesada Nü-Marvel, he continued to make waves, introducing a gay Rawhide Kid, editing the acclaimed Peter Milligan/Mike Allred X-Statix and revitalizing such characters as Luke Cage and the Hulk. In recent years he’s continued to bring in new talent, including a bevy of crime fiction writers like Victor Gischler and Duane Swierczynski. It’s a strong creative portfolio for someone coming to the position and seeing how Alonso makes his mark on perhaps the most fabled job in comics will be one of the most important stories of the next few years. Despite his busy busy schedule, Alonso very graciously made time this week to answer some of the main questions facing any comics industry executive in these interesting times.]

Nice art: Hyeondo Park

From the pages of SAVAGE DRAGON #168, via Michel Fiffe.

2010 Sales chart wrap-up: What digital comics are selling?

As we did yesterday for the print charts, David Brothers data mines comiXology’s year end-charts. There isn’t that much to go on (only a top 10 in a few categories) but some trends do emerge, including, as with GNs, a preponderance of creator-owned work.

Diamond heads back to Chicago for 2011 retailer summit

Diamond has just announced that they’ll be holding their retailer’s summit this year in conjunction with C2E2 in Chicago, as they did last year. The Midwest location allows for access to a wide swath of retailers. This year’s show will focus on the topic of attracting new customers, with a day of workshops and focus groups on Thursday, March 17th, and a retailer breakfast on the 18th. Diamond also announced participation at a variety of shows throughout 2011.

Wizard cons expand potential guest pool

Is Wizard World trying to turn into TCAF? Of late, the convention tour has been reaching out to indie cartoonists, suggesting a rather unlikely team-up.

Now THAT'S what we call objectification!

Just how gay were the old Marvel Swimsuit Specials?
Very, very gay, Richard Cook writes, and JR JR demonstrates: