Most detailed Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark review yet: OUCH

Well, we were wondering how Spider-Man musical previews were going. Former Marvel editor and DC editor, now writer, Steve Bunche went a few days ago and turns in the most detailed review yet, expressed as only he can. Be forewarned the review includes ALL the major plot points, so spoilers ahoy. However, he and his date were unimpressed but may perhaps be able to tell their grandchildren that they saw something beyond imagining all right. Some excerpts:


Waid leaves BOOM! to freelance once more

After three years in top management positions, Mark Waid is leaving his current position as COO at BOOM! Studios to go back to freelancing. He’ll continue to write INCORRUPTIBLE and IRREDEEMABLE, his hit titles for BOOM!, and Stan Lee’s THE TRAVELER. Editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon, who stopped into that position in July, will oversee BOOM!’s creative output.

Waid spoke exclusively to CBR with his usual candor about the move, stressing that unlike his tenure at CrossGen, he was leaving on friendly terms.


BCGF wrap-up

Although my “official” news story about last weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was published in PW Comics Week, I still had some pictures I wanted to put up.

Over all it was an awesome day. Not much more to say. I thought last year, set in a dramatic blizzard, would be hard to top for that special something, but the cheerful, can-do spirit of this show equalled that. Everyone seemed to be finding like-minded souls to share their work. As I said several times, “Who knew so many people liked good comics?”


Indie Month-to-Month Sales October 2010

Buffy looks like it will hold on to its position as top “indie” book until its season 8 run finishes early next year. Meanwhile Dynamite’s launch of a Warlord of Mars series did very well, IDW’s True Blood picked up a lot of reorders, and the first of Boom’s Stan Lee inspired comics debuted high. […]


Brenda Starr reprints coming from Hermes Press

If you are grieving for the loss of Brenda Starr with the previous story, fear not, Hermes Press is launching a reprint series of the strip from the beginning with the first two storylines in full color. The first book comes out in June 2011. We’ll be making some room on the shelf.


Brenda Starr ends her run January 2

Another classic comic strip just ran out of panels: Brenda Starr is ending its run on January 2. Writer Mary Schmich and artist June Brigman have decided to end their run on the strip, and the syndicate decided to end the strip with them. The death of Schmich’s mother is said to have been the turning point in deciding to move on.